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Kantaro Tomiyama Representative Director & Chairman Kantaro Tomiyama Representative Director & Chairman

Our founder, Eiichiro Tomiyama, expressed his philosophy of toys as “aiming to create a more abundant children’s culture by making ingenious, high-quality toys loved by everyone with the wish for the healthy growth of children responsible for the future.” This ambition led Tomiyama to establish the Tomiyama Toy Seisakusho on February 2, 1924. And ever since, we have held firmly to our essential belief of contributing to society through the business of making toys.

The image of adults fully absorbed in this toy-making mission figured prominently in my memories as a young boy. In the workshop adjoining my house, I observed with wonder and admiration the large backs bent over their drawing desks, the nose-wrinkling smell of solder, the rhythmic rasping of files—these giant adults working seriously and attentively, and with apparent satisfaction and a twinkle in their eyes. The toys that emerged from that small workshop would go on to put smiles on the faces of children all around the world. And though our manufacturing processes have changed over time, the TOMY Group continues to recognize that the toys we make must be a source of immense joy to children.

Awaiting children of the future, however, are changes we can now only imagine—the dizzying speed of technological progress, environmental disasters such as climate change, to name a few. Where do toys as an aid to healthy childhood growth fit in with these changes? And what should we who base our livelihoods on toys do about it? The time has come to unravel the past so we can set the right course for the future.

The Japanese people have learned adaptation to change as the wisdom of living amidst the shifting seasons of Japan’s awe-inspiring landscape. The effort to be more sustainable is perhaps nothing special to us, given the solutions we have devised in our culture to prepare for and embrace change rather than resist it. I believe we have the strength and courage to confront with flexibility the many social challenges brought by the changing times.

As for the TOMY Group, we plan to show a clear mindset and path forward under our CSR policy. Our hope is that our actions and long-held ambitions grow deep roots, both in and outside the company. In seeking to become the most trusted enterprise in the world, we remain steadfast in our efforts to contribute to society through toys.

H. G. Meij Representative Director President & CEO H. G. Meij Representative Director President & CEO

The belief that companies are public institutions is widely held in Japan. This concept gets to the heart of the connection between business and society. At the TOMY Group, we recognize our social responsibility as an important value creation process for enhancing our corporate value. We take the long view in contributing to society through our business activities.

Toy making at the TOMY Group is a collaborative effort between staff up and down the value chain, from planning and development to sales and marketing. Identifying market needs, creating new business, and increasing sales are vital to the economic life of our company. Yet our business activities also have a major impact on society and the environment. Day-to-day efforts to fulfill our social responsibility—treating all suppliers fairly and equally, promoting mutual respect between diverse individuals, making toys with consideration for limited resources and the global environment, for example—not only raise our corporate value but also provide tangible social and environmental benefits.

Corporate social responsibility is not new to the TOMY Group. For years we have practiced strict compliance to ensure that our products meet the highest safety and quality standards. We also have been developing accessible-design toys for children of all abilities to enjoy and Eco Toys with environmentally friendly features. These and other activities are presented on our CSR website, which was overhauled last year for improved organization and clarity.

Fulfilling our social responsibility through toys is an inherent part of our mission as a business and also what society expects from us. Our founding philosophy—“Let’s excite the world’s markets with our outstanding products. Our sincerity and diligence will contribute to society and lead to our own success and happiness”—is a source of great purpose and pride, and the starting point for responsible behavior and all social and environmental action in the TOMY Group.

For the benefit of children, the leaders of tomorrow, and all other stakeholders, the TOMY Group will continue to take concrete and deliberate steps to fulfill its social responsibility through its business activities.

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