TOMY Company, Ltd. 100th Anniversary

It’s our 100th Anniversary
and it’s all thanks to you!

Thanks to the support and
cooperation from so many of you, 
TOMY has been able to reach this 
100th Anniversary milestone. We express heartfelt gratitude
to everyone.


TOMY 100th anniversary logo

A design that depicts the creation of infinite possibilities (“∞”) from “1”. Our 100th anniversary presents us with the perfect opportunity to connect our “origin” with the “future”, Japan with The world, and above all, people with one another, in order to inspire and delight the world endlessly. The logo also embodies our spirit of ASOBI and commitment to product quality that have existed since the company was founded, along with the desire to create infinite possibilities and a limitless future going forward.

On February 2, 1924, the founder at age of 21 and his only craftsman opened their small workshop, “Tomiyama Toy Seisakusho”.
Everything started here.

Thank You for 100th Anniversary

Our commitment to deliver toys remains unchanged for 100 years.

Interview on 100th anniversary with Kantaro Tomiyama, Chairman & CEO

ー Please share with customers, employees, business partners, and shareholders your sentiments on the occasion of the 100th anniversary.

A hundred years is a long time. The Great Kanto earthquake occurred in September 1923, and our company was founded in February of the following year. Since then, the company has witnessed various events around the world, such as natural disasters, wars, post-war reconstruction, the economic bubble, its collapse, and the subsequent “lost 30 years”, culminating in this 100th anniversary. Throughout this period, our company has consistently aimed to deliver tools for play that nurture emotional development and ensure healthy growth for children.

About the 100th Anniversary Products

We will deliver a new sense of fun for customers of all ages

Image of the 100th Anniversary Products

* PLARAIL trains are sold separately

We are excited to announce with our sincere gratitude that 100th anniversary commemorative products for a wide range of generations from children to adults will be launched in April 2024 and onwards. The selected brands are TOMICA, PLARAIL, LICCA, ZOIDS, TRANSFORMERS, POP-UP PIRATE, and app game DUEL MASTERS PLAY’S.