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Environmental efforts through Tomy Group toys

Eco Toy initiative ~Raising environmental awareness through toys for children

ecotoyThe “Eco TOY” initiative makes it easy for customers to understand the benefits of our environmentally friendly toys by including an Eco Toy mark and an explanatory note (environmental information)on the package.
As a leading eco company in our industry, we started this action for children to gain an interest and an understanding of the importance of sustainability. And our work to create new areas of green procurement has been evaluated by GPN.*1  As a result, we were awarded the "Award of Excellence" in the the 13th Annual Green Purchasing Awards.
The criteria for eco toys are based on various areas of the toy life cycle and currently we have five criteria (as of June 2012).

The Toy Industry's First Product to be Certified with Japan's Eco Mark!

Eco MarkPLARAIL series has been awarded the first “Eco Mark”*2 certification ever to be awarded to a toy, for the “ Eco Straight Track” and “Eco Curved Track.” These green tracks demonstrate effective use ofresources by containing over 50% safe recycled materials.
Having calculated the environmental burden across the entire life cycle of the products, from procurement of materials to production and disposal, we anticipate a CO2 reduction of around 10% compared to previous products.
(Cooperation: Mizuho Information & Research Institute, Inc.)

Recycling Field Tests Conducted with the Ministry of the Environment for the “PLA-PLUS Project!"

The “PLA-PLUS Project” is an effort being carried out with the support of the Ministry of the Environment to create a multi-industry system for 100% recycling of plastic products. During the project’s first implementation in February 2012, certain Kiddy Land and Toy Kingdom stores offered in-store collections of used toys. The toys collected were used analyzed to discern their recyclability based on their condition and materials.

PLA-PLUS Project

*1 The Green Purchase Network (GPN) is a network of industries, government and consumers established to promote green purchasing efforts. The network has over 2,700 participating domestic organizations across a wide range of types.
*2 The Eco Mark is awarded to products (manufactured items or services) that display a reduced environmental burden throughout their life cycle, from production to disposal, and are recognized to be useful for environmental preservation. The Eco Mark is Japan’s only ISO-based third-party-authenticated environmental label.

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