Corporate Philosophy


Founding Philosophy Corporate Mission Corporate Guidelines Code of Conduct

Founding Philosophy

Our Founding Philosophy is a fundamental and permanent component of the TOMY Group which has served us well.

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Corporate Mission

Our Corporate Mission is an enduring ideal toward which the Group strives.

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Corporate Guidelines

Corporate Guidelines are based on Corporate Philosophy and clarify “The TOMY Group Way.”

For TOMY Group customers, we will bring dreams to reality through products which offer new forms of play value.
For TOMY Group employees, we will strive to offer a dynamic working environment which maximizes individual initiative and creativity.
For TOMY Group shareholders, we will satisfy expectations and earn trust through sound management and quality earnings growth.
Business Partners
For TOMY Group business partners, we will deal fairly and honestly, aiming for mutual prosperity.
For society, TOMY Group will continue to be a faithful and trusted corporate citizen for the 21st Century.

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Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct codifies the conduct TOMY Group employees must observe in carrying out our Corporate Mission.