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Pillar 1Commitment to Quality Manufacturing



Pillar 1Commitment to Quality Manufacturing

The toys we create must be highly original, good quality products that will be loved by children throughout the world.
This is because toys play a vital and irreplaceable role in the healthy development of children.
Our founder insisted strictly on working hard each day to come up with new ideas and improvements so that we could provide children with the high quality products,and he strictly forbade the creation of imitation goods lacking in originality or cutting back on quality to reduce costs,or easy manufacturing of products simply because they could sell.
We will create new value of play by creating toys that captivate children,never forgetting our duty and our pride as a toy maker.

Approach for Our CSR VisionExpand play for all to enjoy

Be it different cultures, genders, disabilities and abilities, lifestyles or values, we live in a diverse world. We seek to help children grow by providing safe and secure toys that reflect such diversity and expanding play for children around the world to enjoy.

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