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Initiatives & Structure-Pursuing Social Responsibility, TOMY Style-

Promoting Deeper Social Responsibility

In April 2016, a group-wide social responsibility project was launched under the direct control of the chairman. The aim of the project is to establish and promote TOMY-style social responsibility. The first item on the agenda was to organize the various activities that we had been conducting as a matter of course under a structure based on the ISO 26000 Guidance on Social Responsibility. In addition, we held study groups and workshops with external experts to encourage understanding and lively debate on social responsibility, set up a dedicated website, and expanded its content.
At the end of the first year, we objectively analyzed the year’s activities and had dialogues with external experts from various fields about how best to proceed. Those discussions unearthed many important keywords and concepts, including:

TOMY style, a social responsibility framework, passing on historical experience, supply chain, social responsibility governing structure, diversity on the Board, learning and resolving social issues through toys, and many more.

From these elements, we chose to prioritize forming a solid governing framework for future activities in fiscal 2017. We tried to shape our TOMY-style social responsibility framework around the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These SDGs represent common goals for the international community that will serve as an important roadmap for our children to carve future society. We have a responsibility to help achieve the SDGs, as a toy manufacturer with vital child stakeholders, and as an aspiring global company.

We are also embracing other elements pinpointed by external experts for company-wide action:

  • ・Establishing a new department focused on improving social responsibility (CSR Promotion Team)
  • ・Appointing fellows to ensure continued high-quality toy manufacture
  • ・Strengthening our records office to ensure employees learn from the company’s historical experience
  • ・Promoting diversity in senior management

Today’s social issues are constantly changing and increasingly complex. To truly understand social conditions and respond to external expectations, we strive to collect wide-ranging opinion by holding fresh discussions with children and various experts and interviewing external auditors. All designed to help us forge the best TOMY-style social responsibility.

Social Responsibility Promotion

Social Responsibility Promotion

In fiscal 2017 and beyond, we have continued to conduct social responsibility activities through an organizational structure that falls under the direct control of the Board of Directors and is chaired by our Representative Director and Chairman. The project team is re-organized each year to address specific issues. The members of the first year’s project continue to serve as contact points at their departments and Group companies to help strengthen internal communications across the Group and forge a deeper understanding of social responsibility. In April 2018, we set up the CSR Promotion Team to both promote social responsibility and serve as the secretariat of the project.
Our Compliance Leaders’ Meeting, Safety Leaders’ Meeting, Risk/Compliance Committee, and Group companies’ health and safety committees are tasked with discussing social responsibility-related issues and managed by leaders from individual departments and Group companies.

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