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Pillar 3Coexisting with Society
and the Environment



Pillar 3Coexisting with Society
and the Environment

We are fast approaching an age when such a concept, which used to be taken for granted, is becoming increasingly difficult to ensure.
Everything that we have enjoyed must be passed on to the next generation.
And that must be passed on to the generation after that,so on over and again.We believe this cycle should be repeated indefinitely.
To preserve the environment in a state that enables children to enjoy toys happilyregardless of how times change,we will work through our business activities with children, who are the leaders of tomorrow,to protect the environment and take environmentally considerate measures.

Approach for Our CSR VisionProtect environment so children can smile in play 100 years from now

Today’s society faces multiple pressing problems including the depletion of resources, climate change, and environmental issues. We seek to minimize the negative impact of our business, contribute to regional development and protect the environment to help preserve sustainable communities and the earth for future generations of children to smile and play with toys.

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