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Pillar 3Coexisting with Society
and the Environment

Environmental Initiatives

TOMY Group Environmental Policy

In order to protect our environment so that children around the world can continue to enjoy playing with toys 100 years from now, we seek to minimize the environmental impact of our business operations and help spark children’s awareness of the environment through their most familiar items—toys.

  • 1. Aim to build a sustainable society

    We build and promote environment management systems and strive to reduce environmental impact by consistently maintaining and improving those systems.

  • 2. Adhere to environmental laws and regulations

    We adhere to applicable laws and regulations, and also seek to accurately grasp societal demands to determine and uphold internal standards.

  • 3. Establish, implement and verify environmental targets

    We set, implement and regularly review environmental targets.

  • 4. Offer environment-conscious products and services

    We promote the provision of environment-conscious products and services, and seek to effectively utilize resources and consider environmental impact in our product manufacturing. Within the TOMY Group business activities, we strive to counteract climate change, conserve resources and energy, prevent pollution, and reduce and recycle waste.

  • 5. Conduct environmental activities befitting a toy company

    We provide opportunities for children to consider the global environment and foster creativity.
    We communicate with children and listen to their opinions in order to create new values.

  • 6. Reduce environmental impact by cooperating with business partners

    We cooperate with our business partners in a joint effort to reduce environmental impact at every stage from purchasing through to customer provision.

  • 7. Thoroughly publicize and promote understanding of environmental policy

    We make sure this environmental policy is well understood by all employees and executives, including those at affiliated companies.
    We also promote educational and awareness-raising activities to ensure everyone can understand and implement the policy.
    Anyone can freely browse the environmental policy, which is available on request.

Established in May 2020

Environmental Initiatives

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