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Pillar 3Coexisting with Society
and the Environment

Environmental Initiatives

Environmental Activities Policy

Today’s global society is facing a variety of environmental challenges that must be tackled universally, from depleting natural resources and climate change to waste control and management. In order to protect the environment so that children around the world can continue to enjoy playing with toys 100 years from now, the TOMY Group strives to minimize the environmental impact of its business. We also pursue environmental activities based on three fundamental ideas in order to help spark children’s awareness on the environment through their most familiar items—toys.

  • 1. Environment-conscious toy-making

    Ensure effective resource use and environment-conscious production.

  • 2. Thinking with toys and changing together

    Provide opportunities for children to think about the global environment and encourage creativity.

  • 3. The environmental activities of a toymaker

    Uncover new value by communicating and listening to children’s ideas.

Environmental Initiatives

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