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Pillar 2Sound Management

Fair Operating Practices

Working Together with Business Partners

The TOMY Group seeks to work together with its suppliers and other business partners to maintain and improve appropriate factory working conditions.

TOMY Code of Conduct for Manufacturers

The TOMY Group has always worked hard not only to provide safe products of superior quality, but also to fulfill our social responsibilities by respecting human rights throughout the manufacturing of those products and ensuring environment-conscious business operations. To that aim, we require all our suppliers to adhere to the TOMY Code of Conduct for Manufacturers, which covers environment and social issues. This particular COC is incorporated into contracts signed with individual business partners from the outset.

TOMY Code of Conduct for Manufacturers (PDF)

Joint Initiative between TOMY COC Team and TOMY Hong Kong

At TOMY Hong Kong, we manage the production of products destined for the American and European markets as well as licenser products, which are subject to especially strong Code of Conduct standards. We work with business partners to maintain appropriate management and operation of production facilities based on the TOMY Code of Conduct (COC) by advocating human rights, ensuring the health and safety of employees, and promoting a sustainable environment. Any actual inspection activities follow a set COC-based program that involves holding a kickoff meeting, visiting facilities, interviewing employees, reviewing documentation, and convening a concluding meeting.

Network Briefing for Business Partners

The TOMY Group strives to strengthen cooperation primarily with its suppliers. This cooperation involves sharing revisions in legislation and TOMY product quality rules as well as examples to help improve safety and product quality, and issues identified in production factories. Our annual network briefing for business partners has been running for over ten years now, where we offer safety and product quality-related programs. In 2019, we also introduced some new sessions relating to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), TOMY Group social responsibility policy, and our newly defined material issues.

Network briefing
Network briefing

Fair Operating Practices

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