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Pillar 2Sound Management

Working Practices

Personnel Training and Employee Data

The TOMY Group seeks to expand the diversity of its human resources by employing people based on a comprehensive judgement of their ability, without reference to nationality, gender or other similar factors. When recruiting new staff, we refer to our seven expectations regarding TOMY Group employees.*
*Website in Japanese

Encouraging Employees to Expand Their Skills

The TOMY Group’s comprehensive training and development program is designed to improve job performance and operational efficiency, and to discover and nurture future leaders. We encourage our employees to develop their individual capabilities by offering grade- and job-specific training, as well as voluntary seminars that provide the opportunity to communicate with people from different industries or improve specific skills. We also offer support for employees taking TOEIC exams or correspondence courses.

Training and development programs:
  • ・TOMY Code of Business Conduct (COBC) e-learning
  • ・Compliance e-learning
  • ・Training for new hires
  • ・Training for newly appointed directors and managers
  • ・Value chain training
  • ・Management training
  • ・Marketing training
  • ・Harassment-related education
  • ・Learning how to anticipate risks
  • ・Seminars on intellectual property

In addition to the programs listed above, in fiscal 2018 we conducted a Toy Technology Training Course over an eight-month period for young employees involved in planning development, technology development, production technology, or quality management to learn about the technology involved in the structure and molding of toys. The TOMY Group is building up a framework that will enable young employees to benefit from our long-amassed technology and expertise. This framework includes holding toy technology and other training courses and providing TOMY Toy Technology Think Tank brochure that summarizes our expertise on how to set up a new production base.
In addition, we have a commendation system that recognizes individual employees or department for increasing work motivation, maximizing individual capabilities, and contributing markedly to business performance or increased corporate value. We also have a career-support system that offers systematic and financial support for employees aged 40-58 years who have worked for the TOMY Group for a minimum ten-year continuous period and are maybe looking to use their career experience and skills to start a new business, go independent, or change their job.

Employee-related Data

Promoting work style reform is one of our recently defined material issues, and as such, the TOMY Group seeks to create a workplace that enables a diverse range of personnel to work enthusiastically and energetically together. We are also working hard to rectify issues such as long working hours and harassment in the workplace.

Total Male Female Ratio of
female employees
Number of employees
(by employment type)
646 399 247 38.2%
Permanent employees 509 338 171 33.6%
Contract and fixed-term employees
(including reemployment, advisory, fellow positions)
105 59 46 43.8%
Part-time employees 32 2 30 93.8%
Employee breakdown by age
(permanent employees)
Under 30 years 62 34 28
30-39 165 90 75
40-49 181 134 47
50-59 125 104 21
60-69 1 1 0

Note: The numbers include expatriate employees.

(permanent employees)
Average years in employment 9.1 years 9.8 years 7.8 years
Average age 41.5 years 43.3 years 38.7 years
Average annual salary 8,379,337 yen
Number of new hiresOverallMaleFemale
Number of new graduate hires 10 5 5
Number of mid-career hires
(excluding employees switching to permanent employment)
3 3 0
Number of employees switching
from irregular to permanent employment
20 12 8
Number of reemployed 4 2 2

Note: In addition to traditional main career-track hires, from April 2019 entry, new graduate hiring also includes technical staff hires.

Workforce stabilityOverallMaleFemale
Number of retiring staff
(permanent employees)
*excluding employees who transferred to another company
21 12 9
Three-year retention rate for new graduate hires 90%

Note: The number of retiring staff includes those who retired for personal reasons or as a result of the career-support system mentioned above, but does not include those who reached retirement age or transferred to another company. In this data, employees who retired on March 31, 2017 are included in the number of retiring staff, but employees who retired on March 31, 2018 are calculated as still being on the employment register.

DiversityOverallMaleFemaleRatio of female employees
Number of managers 125 115 10 8.0%
Number of general managers and above 54 52 2 3.7%
Number of employees with disabilities 8 5 3 37.5%
Ratio of employees with disabilities 1.66%

Note: In FY2017, the ratio of female managers stood at 6.0%. That ratio increased by 2.0% in FY2018. Learn more on our action plans for female advancement.

Ryoritsu Shien no Hiroba
or Work-Life Balance Support Plaza

(A general site to promote female advancement and support working parents commissioned by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare)

In fiscal 2018, we offered e-learning programs on harassment and diversity, and conducted diversity-related groupwork study sessions. In addition, we hold a family day each year on which employees’ children, parents and other family members are invited to visit the company as part of an initiative to increase understanding of colleagues’ family situations and help build a comfortable working environment that values colleagues and their families.

Childbirth and childcare leaveOverallMaleFemale
Number of employees taking childbirth 13 - 13
Number of employees taking childcare leave 26 1 25
Ratio of childcare leave takers who return to work 100%

Note: Before an employee takes childcare leave and before they return to work, we conduct interviews with the employees, his/her department manager, and designated human resources personnel. In addition, we have a strong advisory system in place run by three internal counselors, including one with child-raising experience of their own.

Annual paid leave
Annual allowance of paid leave 18.6 days
Paid leave taken 7.5 days
Leave uptake rate 37.60%

Note: Our system permits 125 full days of annual leave plus an additional 10-20 days paid holiday depending on the number of years worked. We also have systems for half-day paid leave, refresh leave, birthday leave, childcare leave, nursing care leave, and condolence and congratulatory leave.

Occupational health and safety
Average total work hours (annual) 1985.1 hours
Average extra work hours (monthly)
*excluding managers
20.8 hours
Number of work-related injuries
*excluding commuting
2 incidents
Number of lost workdays Zero days

1. We conduct labor seminars for managers to help reduce overtime hours. As part of our attendance system, an email alert is sent to any employees who have worked longer than 25 hours or 30 hours of overtime per month and their immediate managers to help deter long working hours. We also monitor overtime hours for each individual department and staff member. Any cases of significantly long overtime are reported to the senior executive officers’ committee or management council of the relevant Group company.

2. The TOMY Group has put various measures in place to help maintain employee health, including setting up a Group-wide healthcare system and a dedicated committee with occupational health physicians. We are also proactive in ensuring all employees attend regular health checks, administering flu shots, preventing excessive workload, offering in-house counseling and publicizing events run by our company’s health insurance association.

3. We have set up our internal and external mental health counseling desks to enable employees to seek advice anytime. As part of our inhouse health-maintenance system, we also distributed advice sheets based on the results of a physical and mental health survey of all employees.

Consolidated Companies
Number of employees
Japan 1,025[1,495]
The Americas 201[89]
Europe 89[14]
Oceania 11[16]
Asia 1,266[23]
Reporting segment (total) 2,592[1,637]
Group (common) 73[13]
Total 2,665[1,650]

1. The number of employees refers to our employed workforce (excluding TOMY Group employees seconded to non-Group posts, but including non-Group workers seconded to TOMY Group companies). The annual average number of temporary staff (including fixed-term contract employees and part-time employees, but excluding agency staff) is shown separately in [ ].

2. The number of employees recorded as Group-wide (common) refers to those affiliated with administrative departments.

Working Practices

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