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CSR Policy and
Promotion Structure

TOMY Group CSR Policy
We contribute to society at large through
our passion for our vocation involving
the business of toys.


In our lives today, we enjoy immeasurable benefits that have been carefully passed down to us by our predecessors, and likewise as we venture forward it is our obligation to ensure that we invariably carry this forward on into the next generation. At TOMY, to that end, we strive to produce outstanding products that help ensure the healthy growth of children who are poised to lead future generations.
We firmly believe that there is a complete absence of barriers between children when presented with toys. Indeed, toys have the power to make people smile in a manner that extends beyond any and all personal differences in terms of the environments and cultures in which people were born and raised, language gaps, gender distinctions, economic disparities, and whether an individual has a disability or not. As such, we are convinced that the smiles of children invariably generate the capacity to pave the way to a new era.
Above all else, we make it our mission to ensure that we pass on our founder’s passion for “bringing smiles to the faces of children around the world with toys.”
As a toymaker in the modern era, we strive to earn the trust of every one of our stakeholders and pursue business as necessary, with the aim of helping to bring about sustainable growth of society and our world.


Development of the CSR Policy

When the Great Kanto Earthquake struck on September 1, 1923, the lives of ordinary people were turned upside down in an instant. In the ruins of Tokyo Shitamachi area, TOMY’s founder, Eiichiro Tomiyama immediately started making toys. In a time where people were focused primarily on rebuilding their lives, as a tin worker he should have been able to command high fees as a roofer, but instead Eiichiro chose to make toys for 10 or 20 sen (1sen = 0.01 yen) for a living. It was a decision based on a belief in the power of toys, and a belief that toys would bring smiles to the faces of children, and thereby to the faces of adults around them.
In 1930, Eiichiro and a group of like-minded associates founded the Tokyo Toy Industry Association, aiming to modernize and rationalize the toy industry, which at that time was a conglomeration of cottage industries. Subsequently they announced their founding document entitled, “Tokyo Toy Industry Association Industry Guidance Principles.” The document contained the “Entrepreneur’s Motto,” which aspiring toymakers were supposed to learn by heart.
Our predecessor’s motto was “those who would be eternally prosperous must realize that they can only prosper together with others.” They held the principle of coexistence and co-prosperity up as their ideal.
The founding philosophies of the TOMY Group, “Let’s excite the world’s markets with our outstanding products,” and “Our sincerity and diligence will contribute to society and lead to our own success and happiness” were based on this “Entrepreneur’s Motto.” The philosophies succinctly show our founder’s firm conviction that we should provide outstanding products to the world’s markets and contribute to society in general through this business, and his belief that every ounce of sincerity and effort that we devote to our work must contribute to the development of human culture. Even though the times change along with our environment, we have passed down this idea from generation to generation as a fundamental creed.
Through our founder’s livelihood, toy making, we will continue to contribute to society in general as we have done so far.

To bring smiles to children’s faces, there are three priority issues that we must address.

Figure: Three Priority Issues to be Addressed and Core Subjects of the ISO 26000 International Standard on Social Responsibility
Figure: Three Priority Issues to be Addressed and Core Subjects of the ISO 26000 International Standard on Social Responsibility

Priority Issue 1Dedication to Quality Manufacturing

The toys we create must be highly original, good quality products that will be loved by children throughout the world.
This is because toys play a vital and irreplaceable role in the healthy development of children. Our founder insisted strictly on working hard each day to come up with new ideas and improvements so that we could provide children with the high quality products, and he strictly forbade the creation of imitation goods lacking in originality or cutting back on quality to reduce costs, or easy manufacturing of products simply because they could sell.
We will create new value of play by creating toys that captivate children, never forgetting our duty and our pride as a toy maker.

Priority Issue 2Sound Management Execution

As a company that handles toys that are familiar to children, we believe it is imperative that we must never do anything as adults that would shame us before children.
In our daily business activities, we naturally observe laws and regulations, as well as making sure our activities are highly transparent. At the same time, it is our duty as a corporate citizen to draw out the best of each employee’s capabilities, guide our joint efforts with business partners to success, build a sound financial system and return benefits to society.
We seek to be a company that is trusted by society by striving to execute management in a sound manner.

Priority Issue 3Coexistence with Society and the Global Environment

Everything that we have enjoyed must be passed on to the next generation. And that must be passed on to the generation after that, so on over and again. We believe this cycle should be repeated indefinitely.
To preserve the environment in a state that enables children to enjoy toys happily regardless of how times change, we will work through our business activities with children, who are the leaders of tomorrow, to protect the environment and take environmentally considerate measures.

The core of our CSR approach is coexistence and co-prosperity with all stakeholders.
We aim to be a company that grows together with society as we pursue true coexistence and co-prosperity.

CSR Promotion Structure

As we continue with our initiatives for Accessible Design Toys and the environment, which we consider to be ongoing activities, we have also recognized ISO 26000 as an important guideline for upholding our social responsibility. We have formulated three priority issues to be addressed, in such a way as to cover the seven core subjects of the guideline. Looking ahead, we will identify medium- and long-term priorities to be addressed in our CSR Project, which is a Group-wide organization. By responding carefully to each identified issue, we will continue to firmly embed our CSR activities.

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