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Respecting Human Rights

Our Policy and Strategy

The TOMY Group operates businesses in many different markets worldwide. In our opinion, an important part of creating toys that make children smile includes upholding the human rights of all people involved in the toy-making process from procurement through manufacturing and sales, and fostering working environments that enable those people to work with passion and enthusiasm. Furthermore, the emergence of human rights-related problems can adversely impact sustainable corporate growth in various ways. With that point in mind, in order to uphold and protect the human rights of those involved in our operations, the TOMY Group commits to uphold the fundamental principles stipulated by the International Labor Organization (ILO) and to respect international and local laws and regulations in all regions in which we operate.
We also referred to the United Nation’s Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, ISO 26000 guidance and other documentation to formulate the TOMY Group Code of Business Conduct (COBC) and Responsible Procurement Guidelines, which are appropriately conveyed to our stakeholders.

Management Structur

The TOMY Group Internal Control & Audit Group is responsible for managing and monitoring the human rights of employees in Japan.
We have also set up a whistleblower hotline which all employees can use knowing their privacy will be protected. Through such efforts, we strive to uncover or prevent any human rights violations or harassment at the earliest stage. Our whistleblower hotline system falls under the jurisdiction of our Risk/Compliance Committee and is managed by our company chairman.

Key Initiatives

Protecting Human Rights

The TOMY Group has set up the whistleblower hotline as a mechanism for protecting the human rights of our employees.
The hotline is designed to be used by all directors and employees, including seconded staff, contract or fixed-term employees, part-time or casual staff and temporary workers. We offer three reporting avenues: 1) a web-based contact point, 2) the contact person at the TOMY Group, and 3) an external contact point, such as a lawyer. The contact point that receives a whistleblowing report conveys the details to the Risk/Compliance Committee secretariat. The secretariat then determines its response within 20 days of receipt of the report, including whether and, if so, how it intends to investigate the matter, and then communicates those decisions to the original reporting contact. We protect the privacy of all whistleblowers, and condemn any action taken following a hotline report that could prove detrimental to the whistleblower.
To advertise the hotline, we display multiple compliance posters in Group offices and plants and distribute small cards with hotline details to the Group directors and employees.
We also provide feedback on the whistleblower system operation to all employees on our annual Think about Compliance Day and remind them of the different hotline contact points.

Human Rights-related Training

The TOMY Group strives to prevent harassment in the workplace by including sessions on both sexual and power harassment as part of the management and employee mental health training program in Japan, and conducting relevant e-learning sessions for all employees and directors to enhance their awareness of diversity. Our e-learning training sessions on the TOMY Group Code of Business Conduct (COBC) also include elements on human rights. All employees take this course each year and pledge to uphold the Code. Furthermore, our annual Think about Compliance Day not only focuses on compliance with laws and regulations, but also shares details of our human rights initiatives with all employees.

Response to UK Modern Slavery Act

TOMY UK, a subsidiary of the TOMY Group, released a statement in 2016 in relation to the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015. This statement is designed to prevent slave labor or human trafficking within the company and across its supply chain. TOMY UK has established its own policy and due diligence process, pursuing initiatives to prevent modern slavery.
Below is the link to the statement, which was updated in June 2019.