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Corporate Message

Growing Together With Children

Children are enveloped in an environment marked by dizzying change with the popularity of smartphones and tablets, as well as social networking services, broadly changing what a toy is and the modes of play.
Such times call on us to evolve the universal significance of our toys cultivated during our over 90-year history and our carefully nurtured brand value by aligning them with the times.
In these ever-evolving times, we must take up the challenges of toys incorporating new technologies that fuse analog with leading-edge digital and becoming a company that expands along with the children growing up in these times.
Looking back as the TOMY Group approached our 90th anniversary last year, we can say that great changes have occurred in our history every 30 years. During the First Generation, we went from being a small shop floor to a company sweeping over the world’s markets with our tin toys; next, we transitioned into the Second Generation, which was defined by a materials revolution toward plastic toys; and, finally, we evolved into the Third Generation, when in tandem with the growth of mass media toys value was added via data.
We stay in touch with the times and continue to evolve, with our strong belief in innovation and change, putting smiles on the faces of children around the world our priority, applying pride in our handiwork down to the most minute detail when it comes to safe and secure quality, and maintaining flexible creativity to address the times and continue progress.
We opened a new door to the Fourth Generation.
We have a strong desire to grow our “global smile network” as a leading toy company, and we will turn the passion of our employees into a strength to continue to spawn dreams and take on the challenges of the times.

Kantaro Tomiyama

Representative Director & Chairman


Representative Director & President

Profile / Representative Director & Chairman

Present - June 2015 Representative Director & Chairman , TOMY Company, Ltd. - TAKARATOMY -
June 2000 President, Chief Executive Officer,
December 1986 President, Chief Executive Officer, TOMY Company, Ltd.
May 1985 Executive Vice President
March 1985 Executive General Manager, President Office
May 1983 Board Director
July 1982 Joined TOMY Company, Ltd.

Profile / Representative Director & President

Present - June 2015 Representative Director & President, TOMY Company, Ltd. - TAKARATOMY -
April 2015 Representative Director & Chief Operating Officer , TOMY Company, Ltd
June 2014 Representative Director & Chief Operating Officer, Head of Global Business HQ, TOMY Company, Ltd.
April 2014 Chief Operating Officer, Head of Global Business HQ (incumbent), TOMY Company, Ltd.
March 2014 Senior Advisor, TOMY Company, Ltd.
November 2008 Senior Vice President, Chief Customer Officer, Coca-Cola Japan Co., Ltd.
September 2006 Senior Vice President, Head of Brand Marketing, Coca-Cola Japan Co., Ltd.
April 2000 Managing Director, Executive Officer, Oral Care Division, Sunstar Inc.
April 1990 Assistant Brand Manager, Unilever Japan K.K.
January 1987 Assistant General Manager, Heineken Japan
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