Simple and Safe!

Plarail toys have always been designed at the ideal size and weight for children to hold,observe, and play with.
Plarail toys have always been designed at the ideal size and weight for children to hold,observe, and play with.The three-car train sets can also be run on surfaces other than the plastic rails provided with the low-riding cars enhancing stability. The wheel material is also chosen to prevent damage to floors.

Aside from the materials, Plarail trains also differ from the real thing in that they have four large wheels, more like automobiles. This helps them handle curves better and reduces problems arising from dirt and fibers becoming entangled in the wheels during use.
Scenery PartsThe couplings that join Plarail train cars together have gone through several improvements to make them both highly durable and easy for children to handle on their own.

The improved coupling features a small slit in the joining clip that makes it much easier to detach. This small change has proven to be a revolutionary improvement for users.
A Rail Gauge Unchanged for 50 Years!
A Rail Gauge Unchanged for 50 Years!The Plarail brand is widely known for its iconic blue rails.The rail gauge and joint shape have remained completely unchanged ever since the launch of the original Plastic Railroad Set half a century ago. That means that rails from 50-year-old sets can easily be joined to the rails made today!
Plarail's Ongoing Evolution
Plarail's Ongoing EvolutionThe rail gauge hasn't changed in 50 years, but you may have already noticed some small differences between the original rails and those used today.Plarail stays faithful to its original concept but also evolves continually, becoming easier and safer to play with.

The original rails are smooth; the later version has a rough surface;, and the rail used today has grooves! This change has been made to improve the traction of the train wheels on the rail surface.The rail material has also been improved.The plastic used today has a longer lifespan, less warping, and greater shock resistance to minimize cracking. Many changes have been made over the last 50 years, and Plarail toys are now more "playable" than ever.