Tomica's History

1970 Tomica launched
(Tomica World products also released)
1972 60 models in lineup; Tomica Dandy released
1974 100 models in lineup
1976 Foreign Vehicle Series and Long Tomica released;
100 millionth Tomica product manufactured
1977 Onset of the “super car” boom;
super cars added to Foreign Vehicle Series in quick succession
1984 New product packaging introduced,
still in use today;
300 millionth product manufactured
1988 Product lineup expanded to 120 models
1993 B/O Tomica, battery-powered series released
1995 Tomica licensing business launched
1999 Radio-controlled R/C Tomica series released
2000 30th Anniversary Pure Gold Tomica released with a price tag of 1 million yen Monthly Tomica releases initiated with the slogan “The third Saturday of the month is Tomica Day” First Tomica Expo held
2001 Tomica Limited series launched
First appearance at the Tokyo Motor Show
2005 Tomica's 35th anniversary
Tomica Shop, the first direct retail outlet, opened in Tokyo Station complex
2006 Tomica Hyper Series released
2008 Tomica Long Type released
2010 Tomica's 40th anniversary;
product lineup expanded to 140 models with release of Tomica No.140
Tecology Tomica series launched
2011 10th anniversary of Tomica Limited series
Tomica Shop network expanded to five locations
Original packaging
Original packaging
Packaging used today
Packaging used today
30th anniversary Pure Gold Tomica
30th anniversary Pure Gold Tomica
40th anniversary Platinum Tomica
40th anniversary Platinum Tomica