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What is WIXOSS?

WIXOSS is a trading card game since 2014, that has been released in Japan.

It features highly strategic gameplay and super beautiful illustrations and processing.

Now in its 7th year, the English edition is finally launch.

Two black and white color backed decks brings you a dramatic battle!

What is WIXOSS?

Beginner’s guides

Hello, Selector!

Hello, Selector!

You become a "Selector" and fight together with three girls called "LRIG" to lead them to the Top DIVA.

The "Center LRIG" is the core of strategy, the two "Assist LRIG" support it.


How to Start

DIVA DEBUT DECK is best way to start WIXOSS!

Includes a 51-card constructed deck, rules sheet, and playmat to get you started right away!