[Announcement]Errata Information

April 26th 2022

Class icons on the cards of products before "WXDi-P02 CHANGING DIVA" and on reprinted cards of the same name are incorrectly spelled as follows.

・Idle Tone:Angel
・Idle Tone:Brave
・Idle Tone:Demon

We would like to announce the following Errata


  • Idle Tone:Angel
  • Idle Tone:Brave
  • Idle Tone:Demon


  • Idol Tone:Angel
  • Idol Tone:Brave
  • Idol Tone:Demon

The card images will keep being used on the official website as they are, but the above modifications will be reflected in Keyword Search on the official website when the STANDUP DIVA card list is updated.

There are no changes to the individual card FAQs that have already been announced and answers from Customer Support.

We sincerely apologize for the corrections at this time.