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[Episode2]The indefatigable and undisputed heroine☆

Mahomaho, Yukayuka, Bang, Mikomiko, Dr. Tamago, Nova

Here you go. It's my new favorite snack.

“Here you go. It's my new favorite snack.”

Dr.Tamago invited the three members of Kyurukyurun☆, Mikomiko, Mahomaho, and Yukayuka, to her laboratory and took out her secret snack.

“I wonder what she's thinking?”

When they were suddenly called to the laboratory by Dr. Tamago, Mikomiko and the others were reasonably prepared for what she would say to them.

They had expected this situation and were aware of what they had been doing so far.

And yet, for some reason, snack time had begun.

“Um. Then why don't you just tell us what you need? We don't have much free time ourselves, but we do have time for .......”

“I mean, you're not busy. That's good to know. Today I wanted to ask you exactly what you've been doing these days.”

Since Kyurukyurun☆ announced a hiatus, the three had not had a DIVA battle together.

Dr. Tamago says she was a little concerned about the situation.

“We are doing OK...... “

“Don't you want to start working again?" Dr. Tamago asked, and Mikomiko looked at the other two.

Mahomaho said "I am really wanting to work again. I would love to be cheered on by the selectors, have battles, and perform DIVA time. ...... I can't have that kind of fun experience unless I'm a DIVA .......”

I'll do it if you both say you'll do it. Right now, I don't have anything in particular to do...... and I'm sure I'm not busy......

“I'll do it if you both say you'll do it. Right now, I don't have anything in particular to do...... and I'm sure I'm not busy......”

As for Mikomiko, to be honest, she has experienced demotions in her ranks and has been passed over by younger members who started their activities later than she did...... and each time she has acted like she didn't care, but it didn’t mean that she didn't care at all.

That's why she thought it was inevitable that she had to go on hiatus, and she certainly felt a sense of resignation that she might really end up here.

“Even so, nothing has changed since the hiatus, and even if we work now......”

Dr. Tamago was inwardly a little surprised to hear Mikomiko says something so realistic. However, she could see from her face that she must have conflicting feelings.

“I see...I understand how you feel. And here is the thing.”


Dr. Tamago displayed an announcement of a premium event to be held in a few weeks on the monitor in front of the three of them. Mikomiko and the others were aware of the event, as it was a high-profile event in which the winner would receive the right to challenge DXM.

“If you perform well in this event and show your ability, it would be a positive thing for your team, wouldn't it?”

“That's for sure ....... If we can really perform well, we could get close to the top DIVA and even become rich. ......”

Mikomiko's dream of becoming rich still seems to have not disappeared.

“But we've already announced that we were going on hiatus, and suddenly saying 'we're coming back' might cause some animosity among the other DIVAs and selectors.......”

Mahomaho said and she looks worried, but Dr. Tamago brushes her off.

“We don't think everything is bad for Kyurukyurun☆ either. Up until now, your efforts have taken a turn for the worse, but that's because of your pride and desire to win as DIVA, isn't it?”

“That's .......”

“You guys have been doing so well on staging and playing because there were so many selectors who wanted to support you.”

They feel as if she understood them and acknowledged their effort, and the three of them were happy, but didn't know how to react. It was embarrassing to have her realize that.......!

Yes! Of course!

“Yes! Of course!”

Mikomiko stood up and got closer to Dr. Tamago.

“You're a little late to be noticing that now, you know!”

“That's right! We're not that bad!”

“It's just that the other DIVAs are so naive!”

Following Mikomiko, Mahomaho and Yukayuka started to get into the swing of things, and Dr. Tamago sighed, "That's what we cannot accept ......."

“So, back to the story......”

After getting the three of them to their original seats, she reiterated the purpose of this meeting.

“If you really want to start over, I have a good idea, why don't you try it?”

Later that day—

They switched the members of UCHU NO HAJIMARI and Kyurukyurun☆ teams.

They formed the team of Mikomiko, Dr. Tamago and Nova, and the team of Mahomaho, Yukayuka and Bang.

“This is the ‘good idea’ you suggested ......?”

From the dubious looks on the faces of Mikomiko and the others, it was easy to see that they were not at all welcome to the idea.

But Dr. Tamago paid no attention to that and proceeded with her story.

“I've set up a rehabilitation program for you in Bang. In addition to that, I've also decided to give you some direct guidance!”

She says that the plan is to rehabilitate Kyurukyurun☆'s spirit by doing so.

Nothing is impossible with the complete program that the doctor has specially put together!

“Nothing is impossible with the complete program that the doctor has specially put together!”

Bang looks motivated, as if it is a new mission. On screen, she is stretching and getting ready for some unknown reason.

“My name is Nanashi, Miss Urith. I have heard your story. I would be happy to join you in your spare time.”

“If this is my way God has pointed out......”

Nova also pauses, placing her left palm on her forehead.

“Phew...... I knew I had to do it to get to the event, but ......... it's honestly too much trouble!”

“I'm sure it is.”

“I mean, why are you doing all this for us?”

There should be no obligation for Dr. Tamago to take time out of her own and her members for Kyurukyurun☆. Of course, she is not the type to do it out of kindness or sympathy. Mikomiko and the others could not understand what the return would be for her.

“That's a fair question.”

Dr. Tamago says, then clears her throat with a cough and explains, holding up her index finger.

“You know that DIVA Battle is the subject of my research, right? I love WIXOSS, WIXOSSLAND, and DIVA BATTLE because I see so much potential in them. So I want to make it more exciting, develop it, and further research it. The best way to do that is to have lots of DIVA battles! In other words, this is for you guys, but most of all it's for me.”

“Oh, ......, you mean you're a WIXOSS freak”

“Well, I can't deny it. So, what are you going to do now that you know that?”

“What do you think, Mahomaho, Yukayuka?”

Saying that they would discuss it a little, Mikomiko and the others began to whisper privately.

“I think it's a pretty good that we're going to participate in this event but I don't like the idea of this rehabilitation program....” Mahomaho said.

“I think we can make good use of this rehab excuse for our revival.”

“Yukayuka is right. I'm sure they'll be satisfied if we just pretend to go along with this farce for now. Besides, this swap team could be used to gather information......”

The person who appears before them as if she has been waiting for them is Remember.

“Certainly! If we can find out the deck structure and strategy of UCHU NO HAJIMARI...... we will be able to beat them in the ranked tournament?”

“That's what I meant.”

“Mikomiko is a genius as always!”

“Hehehe. Leave it to me♪ We've got a lot of work to do...”

The three of them turn to Dr. Tamago with confident expressions on their faces.

“OK, we are in!”

Dr. Tamago laughed at the three, who seemed to have regained their usual good mood, and said, “Now we’re talking” as they began their plan to rehabilitate Kyurukyurun☆ and resume their activities.

“Here's the waiting line for the entrance.”

“Here. The flyer for the next event.”

“...... Hey, isn't that Mahomaho and Yukayuka of Kyurukyurun☆ ?”

“Really! Why are they doing this like a staff member?”

The two are helping with the operation based on the rehabilitation program set up in Bang......

“Alas.... Why am I doing this?”

“Hi ladies. Remember to smile in front of our guests~!”

Bang, who was assigned by Dr. Tamago to rehabilitate the two of them, was blowing her whistle and instructing them in a brisk manner.

“When you're done helping with this, the next thing you'll be doing is volunteering to help clean up!”

“Cleaning is ...... really dull ....... There's no point in doing something like this that doesn't make a penny. Mikomiko will get mad at me .......”

At Yukayuka's words, Bang blows the whistle again.

“Even if you don't get paid, try doing something to help others first! You might get something out of it, you know?”

“It's not much to gain by doing something that's just such a pain in the ass.............”

She didn't think there was any value in doing the menial tasks of queuing and flyer distribution, even after Bang's verbal admonition.

When she was about to say, "I'm quitting after all," she heard the voices of selectors passing by.

“Look, isn't that Mahomaho and Yukayuka?”

“I've never seen them this close before, they're so cute!”

“Why are they here?”

“I haven't seen them around lately. Are they working support tasks?”

She was so embarrassed and ashamed to be seen like this by the selector. She wanted to run away.

“If you don't finish handing out all the flyers, you'll have to work overtime!”

The two of them started handing out more and more flyers, trying to leave the place as soon as possible at the merciless voice of Bang.

Meanwhile, at Mikomiko's house that morning--.

-Ring! Ring!

Incoming calls this early in the morning should just be ignored. But the phone kept ringing, as if it would never stop.

“...... Hello?”

“Good morning, it's a beautiful day!”

“It's not a good morning at all because of this call.”

When she answered the phone in desperation, it was a wake-up call from Dr. Tamago.

Mikomiko, who had been woken up forcibly, was of course not in a good mood.

“Nova should be there soon. After a cup of hot water, I want you to go for a run with her to the lab!”

She was just about to make up her mind that she would definitely sleep again after hanging up this call, but she didn't expect her to send Nova to ensure that she wouldn't be able to escape--!"

“What? Oh, you mean run! Seriously?”

Dr. Tamago quickly hangs up the phone, saying, "I wish you good luck.". She is even more merciless than she had expected.

“For real?”

She sighed on her bed, and then the chime of the house rang.


Mikomiko managed to make it to Dr. Tamago's lab, cursing on the way. Not only herself, but also Nova exhausted and stretched out with her body on the desk.

“Dr. Tamago....... how many days should we continue this.........?”

Dr. Tamago is having a graceful breakfast while the two of them are exhausted from an unaccustomed long-distance run.

She said, "Well, that's every day until the day of the event. A healthy mind in a healthy body, you know!

Nova, who has managed to get herself up, brings Dr. Tamago's special healthy breakfast, full of vegetables and nutritious, to her mouth, murmuring, "This is also destiny ......."

--Mikomiko definitely decided to take Mahomaho and Yukayuka tomorrow.

“Which two cards would you put in this deck?”

“What is the best structure to maximize the performance of this card?”

Dr. Tamago asks a barrage of questions.

“Then, the next question. What would you do if your SIGNI were to be vanished in this situation?”

“Well, let's see......... wait a minute. Hmmm, the cards in my hands are......”

“Look, in a real battle, the time goes on and on, right?”

“Ummm .......”

In WIXOSS battles, there are many situations where knowledge and understanding of the cards are needed in order to win the battle. It is also an important factor when building a deck.

Dr. Tamago aimed to rehabilitate Mikomiko by not only approaching her from a lifestyle and health perspective, but also by making her take WIXOSS seriously.

If she learns and battles properly, she should be capable of winning the game.


“Well, you've spent a week doing exactly what I told you to do.......”

“Is it finally over? Yeah!”

“Not yet. The last thing I want to do is have a DIVA battle between us, UCHU NO HAJIMARI and you, Kyurukyurun☆! Take what you've learned so far today and fight with all your might!”

A head-to-head battle with UCHU NO HAJIMARI--.

No matter how much they have gone through this period of rehabilitation, the chances of winning are still low. If they lose this one, it could mean more extended periods of rehabilitation. ......?

They must avoid that at all costs.

For a moment, Mikomiko remembered what she had said when she took this program, took out her smart phone and hurriedly contacted Mahomaho and Yukayuka.

It's the last day of the rehabilitation program and the place is WIXOSSLAND.

“Okay, everybody, are you ready?”

“Yeah, yeah, I'm ready. Let's get started.”

Now, the battle between UCHU NO HAJIMARI and Kyurukyurun☆ is about to begin.

“Doctor, the three members of Kyurukyurun☆ seem somewhat distant each other.”

“Are they nervous?”

As Nova and Bang had noticed, Dr. Tamago had also noticed something unnatural about the three's behavior. However, there was no more time left before the entry deadline for the event, and they needed to test Kyurukyurun☆'s ability at this point. Either way, this was just a training match. Even if something went wrong, it wouldn't be big trouble, Dr. Tamago decided, and announced the start of the battle.

“Okay, Nova, go!”

“Roger! Grow!”

“All right, I'm okay. I'm okay.”

“We're not going be so easy to beat.”

“Don't underestimate us.”

The three members of Kyurukyurun☆ did not flinch at UCHU NO HAJIMARI's initial attack and dealt with the situation. They seemed quite confident, which was a complete change from their behavior earlier.

“It's our turn♪ Kyurun!”

“See, you can't protect this, can you?”

“I'm going to vanish your SIGNI!”

“This is ...... a well-constructed battle, and they seem to develop it with a lot of thought.”

“Yeah, more than I expected.”

If she could say it was the result of the program, all the better, but even so, she was concerned about that relaxed attitude of the three. They didn't seem to have gained confidence through the training. She thought they were up to something.

“No way.......”

“Oh, have you found out already?”

Mikomiko and the others start smirking and laughing.

“Actually, we just happened to find your deck yesterday.”

“Thanks to having two separate teams, we were able to find out a lot of information.”

It is not something to brag about, but they are proud that they are taking countermeasures by checking out their decks.

Mikomiko stole fighting information from Dr. Tamago and Nova, and Mahomaho and Yukayuka stole fighting information from Bang, and by combining both of them, they could even figure out the entire flow of the game.

“I don't have everything in my head that you made me study, but I can make a rough estimation.”

“Mikomiko is a genius♪.”

“You're getting more sophisticated than before, aren't you?”

“I totally thought that's what it was about. ......”

She didn't expect Mikomiko and the others to follow her wholeheartedly and honestly, but she didn't expect that they were probing her for information.

“It is true that gathering information on your opponents is a useful preparation move, but snooping on their decks is not something I'm impressed with.”

“Say whatever you want!”

Mikomiko and the others showed no signs of regret.

“It's a nice battle to get your opponent off to a bad start!”

“Yes, yes, it feels so good!”

“I haven't had any battles with Mikomiko lately, so I'm feeling a bit unsatisfied.”

“That’s nice of you to say, Mahomaho!”

“I guess the three of us are the best!”

“That's right, Yukayuka♪”

The three of them have not battled with this group in a long time and are more excited than usual now. Perhaps the team bond has been strengthened by spending this rehabilitation period apart from each other.

“Has the rehabilitation program failed......?”

“Doctor ...... sorry .......”

“No, no, you did great. In fact, Mikomiko and her team wouldn't have been able to do so well in their battle with us, even if they had had our information in advance.”

“That's true......”

“And, they seem to be having even more fun than usual. The rehabilitation program may have created an unexpected byproduct.”

“Come on! Now kyurukyurun☆ has nothing to be afraid of!”

The battle continues between Mikomiko and her team, who are strangely excited, and Dr. Tamago and her team, who are fighting fair and square despite the fact their deck information was known.

“I was naive to think that I could so easily reform you from the bottom of your heart.”

“You should be thankful to us that we finished working such a painful program with you.”

After all, Dr. Tamago is unintentionally impressed by such three people who are not so straightforward.......

Even so, there is a danger that they might cause problems again if they are released back into the DIVA battle with nothing changed from before.

That would not be good for them nor for WIXOSSLAND.

This time, although they ended up losing to UCHU NO HAJIMARI, Kyurukyurun☆ had an advantage until the final phase, and they were about to win by one more step. three of them seemed pleased with that fact, but it is not OK to leave them like this.

“Take a look at this.”

Dr. Tamago shows Mikomiko and her team the comments of the selectors posted on social networking sites.

“I saw her the other day helping out with operational tasks, she's so great!”

“I was lost and didn't know where the reception desk was, and they showed me the way.”

“I heard they are relearning the cards for their comeback.”

“I got a good feeling about Kyurukyurun☆.”

“I want to support them again if they are working hard!”

“Everyone is watching what you're doing.”

“I'm not happy about this.......”

“But it's true that this period of time has created a positive situation for your return. If you do nothing but repeat the same mistakes you've made in the past without any regret ......”

“We could say that we will expose your cheating today, Doctor?”

“......that's what I'm saying.”

“Ugh. ......!”

Mikomiko looks at Mahomaho and Yukayuka.

She knows that in order for Kyurukyurun☆ to come back, she had better not miss this good opportunity. Perhaps the two of them feel the same way as she does.

“Okay, I get it. I apologize for trying to win by cheating this time. I actually remembered how I felt when I became DIVA after hearing the real voices of the selectors and facing WIXOSS again. From now on, I'll do my best to do it right and not do anything wrong.......”

Mikomiko struggled to look straight at Dr. Tamago's face. She was not good at conveying these kinds of words.

“I mean, thank you for your help .......”

Dr. Tamago's smile was both dumbfounded and pleased, and she replied, "You're welcome, we promised."

“Doctor, are you really okay with this?”

“I can't believe them......”

“Well, even if they break the promise, we have a trump card. It will serve as a bit of a deterrent.”

Thanks to Dr. Tamago's support, Kyurukyurun☆'s activities were revived, and it was announced in WIXOSSLAND. The rehabilitation program came to an end.

“Mikomiko, are you sure you can keep such a promise?”

“Hmmm. In other words, as long as they don't find out if we break it, that's fine.”

“Yes! You are the best, Mikomiko~!”

Trust me! An undisputed heroine never gives in to anything!

“Trust me! An undisputed heroine never gives in to anything!”