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[Episode3]Thoughts, hopes, and their respective ways

LION, Nova, Carnival / Hirana, Muzica, Tama, Yuzuki, Piruluk, LOVIT, WOLF, (Michaela)

--(The sounds of footsteps)

This place, which was clearly different from the place she had been in before, shone brightly and was somehow uncomfortable.

Carnival was walking alone in a glittering world that made her feel that she was not where she was supposed to be.

It was not that she wanted to go back to where she was before, but she was not in the mood to just relax and enjoy her life. What she was looking for was the kind of frenzy that would stir people's emotions, play with them, stir them up, and make them laugh, just as she and Ko Satomi had done in the past.

“I wish there was such a game in this place.”

She didn't even know where to go to find what she was looking for, but she felt like she was doing something by walking around for now. It was better than staying where she was.

She found herself in a place where there was not a lot of people around. The atmosphere is different from the cheerful one she was in a few minutes ago, where she could hear people's laughter coming from all directions.

“Nothing interesting will happen if I just walk around aimlessly.......”

She hoped that she would at least bump into some event that would catch her interest, but that didn't seem to be happening either. She turned around to go back to where she had been.....

She hoped that she would at least bump into some event that would catch her interest, but that didn't seem to be happening either. She turned around to go back to where she had been.....

She heard someone's voice and stopped. From the urgent tone of the voice, it did not sound like a pleasant chat with a friend.

She would not normally be interested in anyone's conversation, but the atmosphere made Carnival stop in her tracks.

She quietly approached the door of the room in front of her and listened.

“No, we have not been able to analyze what kind of entity DIVA--LRIG is that has recently appeared."

“--are they talking about me?”

"But the appearance of a mysterious entity may stimulate battles and lead us to obtain new information...'MASTER PIECE' that is important to WIXOSSLAND......and WIXOSS ...there are so many possibilities in that thing. At all cost ......"

“ ...... No, thanks. I'll continue to investigate it......"

The owner of the voice ended the communication, seemingly unable to achieve the desired answers. Carnival heard footsteps coming toward the door, and quickly ran back to the corner to hide.

“Oh, Michaela! There you are, the staff is calling you!”

“Yeah...... I'm on my way.”

She guesses the person called “Mikaela” as she left the room is investigating something called a “MASTER PIECE".

It was clear that it was an important item or something -- or at least that Michaela was quite obsessed with it.

In addition, they might find out something by battling WIXOSS- -?

If it is important to this place called WIXOSSLAND and to WIXOSS, it is likely to become a big vortex involving many people around it.

“I wonder if this is my new toy.”

MASTER PIECE - Carnival smiled in anticipation of the big events that would come about as a result of it.

"MASTER PIECE" - Carnival smiled in anticipation of the big events that would come about as a result of it.

“Well, she said that first of all, it would be a good trigger ‘if the battle becomes more active’ ......”

She remembered that she had seen an announcement that an event would be held here soon. If a lot of LRIGs - or DIVA - attended that event, it would mean that the battle would be very active.

Somehow, she wanted to get LRIGs who came here from other places to participate in the event like herself. She had confirmed that Kiyoi Mizushima, no Piruluk was here.

The people around her were probably LRIG who came here at the same time, judging from their appearance. She started out by asking them


“Hey, you. --Piruluk."

“You are ...... Carnival. You came here, too."

I guess so. Can you be friendly with me again'?

“I guess so. Can you be friendly with me again'?"

“I don't remember being friendly with you. And unfortunately, I don't have time for you. I need to find a way to get back to our world......."

“You want to go back to our world......?"

--Indeed, if you suddenly find yourself in a strange place, you may seek to find a way to get back to where you came from somehow. Carnival came up with an idea to take advantage of her feeling.

“I heard a few stories about 'MASTER PIECE'."

“'MASTER PIECE' ......?"

“Yes. you know, it could be the key to getting back to our world. ......?"

“...... is it true?

“The person said it was important for WIXOSS and this WIXOSSLAND. The details have not been worked out yet, but ...... that it may become clear as the battles become more active."

“By getting the battle active......"

With not much information available now, she would be tempted to hang on to even the most trivial information. As expected, Piruluk came to be quite interested in it. In this situation, it would be easy for her to lead her on.

“I heard there's an event coming up. It might be a good opportunity."

“Wait, how do you know such information? I’m not sure I trust your information. Who told you that ......?"

“Well, I don't know all the details either. Now you don't want to miss out any information, even something small like a drop, do you?"

“Yeah, that’s true....."

Even though they had previously played WIXOSS battles as LRIG, they all had no experience with the rules here.

Although there was some apprehension at the prospect of suddenly participating in an event, Piruluk and her team were just about to try to make contact with DIVA. If the girls would attend the event with them, they would feel a little safer. Even if that didn't happen, they could give us an idea of the style here.

“Carnival, what are you going to do? Are you going to attend the event?"

But even if she did, Piruluk would still pay attention to what Carnival is up to. She was the one who had played so many tricks on the minds of LRIGs and selectors in the past and had stirred up so many battles.

One option is to keep her close by and keep an eye on her, but of course she is not the type to be quiet and listen to her requests.

“I'm still not sure what to do, but if it's going to be 'fun', I may join....?"

There is clearly some thought in her voice. She is simulating in her mind how she should move, paying attention to what Piruluk is thinking.

“I'll do whatever I want. We both have to do our best. "

Carnival quickly leaves Piruluk, who still looks like she wants to ask her something.

By the looks of her, Piruluk will probably compete in the event. That should be enough preparation.

“Well, let's see......."

As Carnival walked along, she thought about what would be the most interesting, the most radical, and the most fun way to move.

-After all, I should put myself on the front lines of battle.

That was Carnival's answer. Spectating, or acting in secret to disturb the situation...... would not give her the stimulation she was looking for.

Piruluk and her team want to be at the event and get information about “MASTER PIECE". Other DIVAs want to win the event and get the rewards. The contestants are absolutely serious about the battle, and if she stands in their way, they will be enraged.

“Oops......I can't help smiling with pleasure."

She restored her grin.

She restored her grin.

In order to enjoy the event as she imagined it, there is something that needs to be done. It's to decide on team members to compete in the event.

She still thinks it would be more efficient to choose from among the DIVAs who were here originally. Otherwise, on LRIG side, there is a Piruluk who knows about me. Perhaps the other LRIGs would be wary of her. It would be more convenient for her to call out to them if they don't know who she is.

It was easy to get information on DIVAs who have been performing well recently. To some extent, the management of WIXOSSLAND disclosed it, and the audience that supports DIVA is called a 'selector'. She can also talk to them from there.

The strongest team "DXM" is set as the opponent in this reward. She felt sure that it would be impossible for her to work with the members here.

There are several other strong teams as well. Teams of particular note are “No Limit”, a team with great vigor and strong desire, “DIAGRAM”, a new team that has been winning with thoughtful tactics, and “UCHU NO HAJIMARI” a team that understands WIXOSS deeply and is looked upon with admiration by other teams.

And then there is “Card Jockey” a team that is pushing forward toward its dream.

They are talented people, who apparently once even rose to Rank B. Their leader, MC. LION - she seems to be a serious DIVA who is also ambitious to be strong and serious about her team's activities with the belief that she can make her dreams come true. They are genuinely perfect as a competitive force.

If she teams up with LION, who will devote all her efforts to win, she should be able to compete well at events.

“Let's go see them first.” - Carnival went to WIXOSSLAND, where neon lights shine brightly.

I'm tired today, too. Now I just need to go home and check my deck.......

“I'm tired today, too. Now I just need to go home and check my deck.......”

“Good evening, MC. LION.”

“When Carnival spoke to her, LION took one look at her and made a dubious face.

“I don't think you're my fan. Have you registered for DIVA recently?”

For a moment, Carnival wondered whether to deceive or tell the truth.

Carnival thought LION would not go to an event with an unknown person, not a current member, for no reason, just because she was invited to join the team. If that were the case, she would need a story that she would be interested in.

-By the way, she didn't know that “DIVA” needs to be registered.

“I ...... no, my name is Carnival. Actually ......."

Carnival chose to explain her story so far.

“When you woke up, you found yourself here.....? I don't know if that's possible.......”

“But it's true that I hadn't been here before, I'd never even heard of a place called WIXOSSLAND.”


“To be honest, I don't really know what kind of existence I'm talking about myself, but this is the place to play WIXOSS, right? Then maybe doing WIXOSS will help me figure it out.”

“On the other hand, it could be said that for you, all you can do is WIXOSS.......”

“Yeah, that's what I mean.”

At any rate, LION understands her situation while folding her arms.

“So, what can I do for you?”

Carnival, who was asked by LION, seemed satisfied that the conversation went as planned.

“Would you like to attend an upcoming premium event--that one--with me?”


“I've heard about your reputation. I thought that if I could attend an event with you, we could have a lot of heated battles and I would be able to find relations between myself and my former world and this world!”

While she suppresses the urge to start laughing at the ostentatious performance, which she would never do in her normal life, Carnival appeals to LION's emotions. The truth was that she wanted to go to the event and battle. In other words, she's not lying. It's just that she's giving off a little good impression- as if she's a hotshot and a good girl.

“I'm so glad to hear that, but I've been planning to attend the event and it's not that easy to decide about the members.”

“I'm not asking you to make your decision here. I am strong and I will not disappoint you even if the rules are a little different. I want you to think positively.”

With that being said, LION felt pressured by Carnival as if her escape route was blocked.

At first glance at her, there was definitely a strange feeling, as if she was different from us.

So she was curious about who she was. The story may be true, and if so, it must be true that she wants to participate in the event and battle. However, LION felt such pressure that she did not know what Carnival would do to her if she refused to team up with them.

“By the way, the battle is for three people, have you decided who's going to be the other one?”

“Yes, I'm going to talk to her afterwards.”

“Well, I'll go with you.”


The two of them went together to the other person that Carnival had in mind as a member - Nova from UCHU NO HAJIMARI.

The neon lights of WIXOSSLAND were not very comfortable for Carnival.

-- darker than bright, crying faces rather than smiles, despair rather than hope, chaos rather than order --

She feels this place is the exact opposite of what she wants.

--She can't wait to see the faces of so many people crumble in sadness and anger.......

“How come the last member is Nova?”

“It's ......, yeah. It's .......”

Nova is a team member of 'UCHU NO HAJIMARI' and works with Dr. Tamago, who is called a genius. Dr. Tamago's analytical skills, as well as the fact that it is a place where information about WIXOSS and WIXOSSLAND is gathered, made it beneficial for Carnival to be close to her. It would be difficult for Carnival to trick Bang, who is an AI, and of course Dr. Tamago. As a result, Nova would be the perfect for her team member.

“It would be fun to fight with her...... and isn't she somewhat like my type?”


LION was at a loss for a response, wondering if this person was also the type to tell jokes.

While she was thinking this, the two arrived at Nova's place.

Next event ......?

“Next event ......?”

Nova looked somewhat tired.

She said she had been helping to reform Kyurukyurun☆ until just a few days ago.

“The rehabilitation of Kyurukyurun☆. That sounds like a lot of work....”

From LION's words of sympathy, it seems that the Kyurukyurun☆ team is a very troubled group of people.

Then the appearance of Carnival, who was unfamiliar to her, and her invitation to the next event, brought Nova's brain and spirit into a stance of desperation.

“The doctor said she didn't know what she would do, and if ...... the story is destined to converge there, I'm not afraid to give myself to its fate....”

“In other words ......”

“I'm sure she means OK ......”

Carnival, who regretted having said just a few moments ago that she was like herself, understood the Nova language through LION's translation. Once again, Carnival expressed her determination to win the event.

“I promise you that I will give you experiences that you would not get with your original team so that you can battle with DXM, which is both your dream and your biggest obstacle.”

“If you say so, I understand. But I also want to talk to LOVIT and WOLF.”

“Of course. I'll ask the members of 'Card Jockey' and 'UCHU NO HAJIMARI' for their consent as well.”

--She felt that she was getting better at acting like an understanding person.

Carnival was enjoying the idea that acting to control the person might be a technique she could use in the future.

What, are we all going to compete in the event separately? Are you going to team up with that person, LION......?

“What, are we all going to compete in the event separately? Are you going to team up with that person, LION......?”


LOVIT and WOLF were upset at first, but agreed that it would indeed be a good idea to experience battles with different DIVAs to improve their abilities if the event allowed them to freely team up. They were positive about it because they had been working with unfamiliar members such as Guzuko and Layla before. And they thought they might be able to review their decks objectively through this.

Dr. Tamago said it is a good idea to work with Carnival to grasp the emergence of new LRIGs and the changes in the WIXOSSLAND environment.

I can gather information in other ways while I'm fighting a battle.

“I can gather information in other ways while I'm fighting a battle.”

In fact, she said it was so much better that way.

And I can input new information!

“And I can input new information!”

Bang also seemed to be very enthusiastic.

Thus, all the members of the two teams, agreed LION and Nova will team up with Carnival this time.

Then they break up, and Carnival, now alone, felt like things were going according to her plan, and felt the heat coming from within her body.

She thinks her boredom is finally over.

She can engage in a battle that will excite her soul here, too--she has arranged the situation herself this time, the way she wants it.


Carnival laughter echoes in the darkness of WIXOSSLAND.

“Come on, let's enjoy the feast, where the flesh and blood are dancing--......!”


On the other hand--.

“What? Carnival is teaming up with DIVA ......!”

Piruluk, Tama, Yuzuki, Hanayo, and Midoriko gathered to discuss the matter.

Although they had been able to talk to Hirana and her team the other day, they had not yet reached the point of teaming up. She didn't expect Carnival to form the team earlier than she did......

Everyone here knows Carnival's obsession about WIXOSS battles and her personality. Carnival would be an obstacle for them if she moved as she wanted to. They don't even know what she is going to do when she gets the "Master Piece."

Anyway, let's go to meet Hirana and her team for once!

“Anyway, let's go to meet Hirana and her team for once!”

Yuzuki takes the lead and starts running.

That's them......!

“That's them......!”

A little further down the street, they found a group of DIVAs, including Hirana, gathered to talk.

“I see some of the DIVAs we haven't talked to each other yet.......”

Piruluk spoke to them without hesitation, even though Hanayo was a little hesitant.

“Hi, Piruluk!”

According to Hirana, she had just heard that LION and Nova had teamed up with Carnival.

“Is it true that you are from somewhere else? What is going on?”

Muzica asks Piruluk and others about the information they have heard from LOVIT.

If Carnival has already told them about it, there is no reason for Piruluk and others to keep it a secret.

“I know you won't believe us, but I'm going to tell you everything.”

Piruluk told everyone there, without hiding anything, that she had found herself in this world when she noticed and that she wanted to get information about something called 'MASTER PIECE' in order to return her original world.

“Tama,......, I,......, and everyone else have loved ones in the world from which we came. That's why I really want to go home......!”

Yuzuki's desperate plea does not seem as if she is lying. It's unrealistic, but if they really were thrown out into this world without knowing what it was...... it wouldn't be such a terrible thing.

“Please, can you help us ......!”

Piruluk looked fearfully at Hirana and the others, wondering if they would listen to such a selfish wish.

“Of course.....!”

“What, are you sure......?”

“I was originally going to be at the event, but I'm getting more and more motivated for everyone else's sake!”

“We don't know what a 'MASTER PIECE' is....., but we are willing to help you.”

“Hirana, Muzica ......”

Piruluk was relieved that she had spoken up.

“Let's all work together and find a way to definitely return to your original world!”

At Hirana's words, everyone there, Akino, Rei, Muzica, LOVIT, and WOLF, nodded their heads and decided to fight the event together.

Yay! I'll be home soon, Ruu!

“Yay! I'll be home soon, Ruu!”

The formation of mixed teams of DIVA and LRIG brought light to a situation that had been full of anxiety.

There are unlimited options, and a structure that is not restricted by the original team.

The free and hot WIXOSS battle begins now!