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Adults also get obsessed?
Cutting-Edge Beigoma (Spinning Tops) that Are Safe and Fun

Amid energetic shouts, two BEYBLADE tops spin freely inside the battle stadium. After hearing the tops click together over and over again, one of the top bursts and flies apart. This bursting mechanism is the biggest feature of the modifiable battle top BEYBLADE BURST. Standing on the front line of production, the Marketing Team’s Akira Horikawa and Product Development Team’s Makoto Muraki provide details on how to play.

“Up to now, a win or loss was determined when the top stopped turning or when they were knocked outside of the stadium. We wondered if there was a way to make this even more interesting, eventually coming up with the idea of bursting the opponents top to win the battle.”

In this way, the battle is more entertaining and gives rise to heart-pounding suspension as no one knows who will win until the final moment. This attracted even more children, and adults as well, to enjoy this game.

“On the other hand, safety became an issue. To resolve this issue, we created a plastic cover for the stadium used to play BEYBLADE.”

Upon first look, it appears to be a nondescript plastic cover, but repeated trial and error was required to arrive at its current form to ensure safety and ease of play. For these two, it didn’t matter how fun it was, if it was unsafe it was not worthy of being a toy. BEYBLADE parts can be combined to make 100,000 different customized tops. Also, they can be augmented when used in conjunction with smartphones, which is another major feature of BEYBLADE BURST.

“During development, it was important to avoid creating a ‘strongest’, unbeatable, combination. This is because games in which the outcome can be predicted are no fun. Children should think and study on their own about how to win. We want them to enjoy this process as well.”

BEYBLADE BURST realizes a high dimension of safety and fun. Toys with this much thought put into them are rarely seen anywhere in the world. We are convinced not only children, but also adults, will continue to play with BEYBLADE BURST for a very long time.

  • Makoto Muraki

    Product Development Team

  • Akira Horikawa

    Marketing Team

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