90-Year History of

  • 1920s

    Expanded business through the innovation of toy airplanes and industry-leading initiatives
    In 1924, Eiichiro Tomiyama founded Tomiyama Toy Seisakusho. The company created numerous elaborate toy airplanes, becoming known as “Aero Plane TOMIYAMA.” The company engaged in industry-leading initiatives including the establishment of a factory with an assembly line system and the creation of a toy research department.
  • 1950s

    Exported large toys overseas as technological innovations brought about a major turning point in the industry
    The B-29 Bomber friction toy became a major hit in and outside Japan. This lead to the export of large toys. Waves of innovation in materials and technology rolled through the toy industry, ushering in a major turning point in the second half of the 1950s when metal was replaced with plastic and friction toys were in 1959 succeeded by electric toys.
  • 1960s

  • 1970s

  • 1980s

    Established Accessible Design Toy Laboratory to popularize accessible toys
    The Accessible Design Toy Laboratory was established and efforts were made to popularize accessible toys that disabled kids can play with. Products were rolled out aimed at a wide range of fields.
  • 1990s

  • 2000s

    TOMY Company is born with the aim of
    becoming the world’s top toy manufacturer
    Japan’s largest toy manufacturers TAKARA and TOMY merged to become TOMY Company, Ltd. (known as TAKARATOMY in Japan), with the aim of expanding into the toy entertainment business by leveraging mutual product development and marketing capabilities. This began a new era in which we aimed to become the world’s top toy manufacturer.
  • 2010s

    From Japan to the world, aiming to become a
    truly global company
    We introduced an overseas version of TOMICA in Europe and North America, and launched BEYBLADE toys worldwide in conjunction with the broadcast of a TV animation program. In 2011, TOMY acquired U.S. toy manufacturer RC2 (now TOMY International), thus establishing a platform for global development.
  • 2014s

    Fusing analog and digital toys to create
    a new age for toys
    In 2014, TOMY commemorated the 90th year since its founding, promotiong a variety of reforms launching a new era. TOMY is attempting to create toys with new technology fusing analog toy and cutting-edge digital elements in the name of “product branding” and “toys 4.0” to quickly roll out toys meeting contemporary needs.
  • 2015s

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