「Blythe(Prima Dolly Peach and Cassis) に関する重要なお知らせ」

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"CWC Limited version of new Blythe Doll products (Prima Dolly Peach and Cassis) being sold on the internet before June 1st 2007 are illegal and constitute serious infringement on our company's intelectual property rights. Our company has never sanction the sale of these two (2) products on the internet except CWC and our company will institute legal actions anywhere in the World against those who are found to have put these products on sale on the internet as well as those who are found to have purchased them illegally on the internet as accessories to the perpetration of this illegal act.
For those who maybe interested in purchasing our company's Prima Dolly"Peach" and "Cassis" Blythe doll through whatever channel, TAKE NOTICE that these two (2) products have hologram seals in the package for identification. Please look for and check these seals when purchasing these products of our company"

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