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Sustainability Initiatives | Corporate Citizenship

Addressing Social Issues

Corporate Citizenship

Our Focus on Social Issues

Learning about the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) became a compulsory part of the Japanese education program from 2020. Every part of our society should strive to nurture interest in social and environmental issues among children and future generations and encourage a passion to help create a sustainable society. Furthermore, while birthrates are declining, the number of children requiring special attention is increasing as society continues to change rapidly and diversify. Against that background, local citizens, authorities, corporations, and civil groups need to work together to ensure society comes together as one to forge a solid future for our children.

Relevant TOMY Group Material Issues and SDGs

TOMY Group
Social Responsibility
through Business
8. Encouraging education and culture through our business 4 QUALITY EDUCATION16 PEACE, JUSTICE AND STRONG INSTITUTIONS

How to Achieve
Our Sustainability Vision

The TOMY Group Code of Conduct includes a commitment to “be a good corporate citizen toward society and the regions where we operate,” and, as such, we participate in grassroot community activities in our business locations. In July 2020, we determined our policy on corporate citizenship activities in order to create a corporate culture that encourages each and every one of our employees to participate in such activities. In addition to the themes of environment and diversity (creating an inclusive society), these activities are designed to encourage education and culture through our core toymaking business by, for instance, devising and conducting training programs from a career-building perspective.

TOMY Group’s Citizenship Policy(formulated in July 2020)

To create a sustainable society and realize everyone’s dreams, the TOMY Group strives to proactively support children, communities and society, and all other people through our business activities.
We create a corporate culture that encourages each and every one of our employees to participate in outreach activities so that we can continue to be respected role models for children.

  1. 1. Supporting Next-generation Education

    We conduct various activities to ensure the healthy growth of children as the drivers of future generations and seek to create a dynamic, abundantly creative future for them to live in.

  2. 2. Caring for Global Environment

    We strive to ensure the effective use of resources and protect the environment so we can pass on more stable environment to our children and ensure future generations can live happy lives.

  3. 3. Creating an Inclusive Society

    We take action through our business activities to help build an inclusive society where no one is left behind.

Key Initiatives