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Sustainability Initiatives | Environment

Reducing Our Environmental Footprint

Key Initiatives

The TOMY Group is involved in various initiatives to reduce environmental impacts across the entire range of its operational activities.

Appropriate Treatment of Waste

All waste generated by the TOMY Group’s operations is processed appropriately in accordance with laws and regulations. We also strive to utilize waste as a resource by carefully sorting them and selecting contractors who are best equipped to deal with specific waste.

Recycling of scrap materials from toy modeling

TOMY TEC grinds down scrap materials from toy modeling for recycling.

Plastic runners left over after toy assembly
Plastic runners left over after toy assembly
Specialists collect waste for recycling
Specialists collect waste for recycling
Wheel-making for TOMIX rail-transport models
Wheel-making for TOMIX rail-transport models
Scrap metal from cutting is recycled
Scrap metal from cutting is recycled

Reducing the Environmental Impact of Distribution

We have also implemented various initiatives to help reduce the environmental impacts of our logistics processes. We calculate the volume of products for shipping to minimize the use of packing materials. All cushioning is 100% recycled packing paper, and we use collapsible bulk containers instead of cardboard boxes for a portion of our product distribution because they can be reused multiple times.
In the warehouse, we wrap several product boxes together in transparent film to secure them. The transparent film is then sent to recycling specialists to make garbage bags for offices and retail outlets. We also deliver empty cardboard boxes to used paper collection companies for reuse.

Transparent film keeps product stacks secured
Transparent film keeps product stacks secured
Long-distance large CNG truck
Long-distance large CNG truck

Since April 2009, Panasonic Corporation and the TOMY Group have been using the long-distance large compressed natural gas (CNG) truck to conduct inter-industry joint transport operations between Tokyo and Osaka. This system reduces NOx emissions by 90%, CO2 emissions by 43 tons per year, and particulate matter to zero when compared to the companies’ one-way diesel truck transport. The initiative was recognized through the Fiscal 2010 Excellent Green Logistics Commendation Program Award.

Office and Warehouse Initiatives

The TOMY Group supports the people’s Cool Choice campaign. Driven largely by Japan's Ministry of the Environment, the campaign is designed to help achieve a targeted 26% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 compared to 2013 levels by encouraging people to make “cool choices” that help counteract climate change such as choosing energy-saving and low-carbon products, services and action.
We are looking to actively conserve energy by shifting our internal systems within Japan to a more energy-efficient external data center and using cloud-based services. In addition, TOMY Marketing Company is working hard to conserve energy in partnership with Prologis Park Ichikawa II distribution warehouse. In January 2019, we started introducing LED lighting across nearly the whole warehouse working area, with the exception of some common toilet and hallway areas. As a result, we have successfully reduced electric power consumption in logistical warehousing by approximately 27% per month*.
Furthermore, we advocate more liberal Cool Biz and Warm Biz dress codes for summer and winter in all our offices to help reduce energy consumption and encourage our employees to consider the environment in their daily decisions.

* Achieved in the period of February - March 2019 when we completed the introduction of LED lighting (compared to the same period in 2018)

Cooperating with Public and Private Sectors

The TOMY Group cooperates with a range of regional authorities, communities, companies and other organizations to help resolve environmental issues.

Activities in Our Hometown of Katsushika City, Tokyo

The TOMY Group has nurtured strong links with the local community. Having been based in Katsushika City, Tokyo for 80 years now, we participate in Katsushika City local councils and work with local government, companies and residents on environmental initiatives.

Serving on local councils
  • ●Katsushika Waste Reduction and Recycling Promotion Council
  • ●Katsushika City Regional Council on Global Warming Countermeasures
  • ●Katsushika City Biodiversity Promotion Council

Since 2010, we have been working with Katsushika City to encourage uchimizu (sprinkling of water outside premises to cool the air in summer through the effect of vaporization) as part of our environmental initiatives. TOMY’s LICCA doll character is teamed with Katsushika City’s mayor and mascot, Ree, as part of our drive to create opportunities for local children to learn about environmental issues through fun-packed activities.

Re-Re-Style Partner
(Ministry of the Environment, Japan)

Re-Style is a website operated by Japan’s Ministry of the Environment, which conveys a broad range of information and initiatives regarding the creation a recycling-based society for a sustainable future. TOMY supports the Ministry’s activities as a Re-Style partner company.

Re-Style Partner Company