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What We Hold Dear

Social Responsibility Policy and Material Issues

Social Responsibility Policy

We strive to contribute
to society comprehensively
through our pillar business,
the world of toys.

The Concept

Based on our social responsibility policy to contribute to society comprehensively through our pillar toy business, the TOMY Group strives to attain the tandem goals of realizing a sustainable society and growing our Group business, fulfilling our sustainability vision of becoming friends with children around the world.

TOMY Group operations themselves will continue to pursue sustainability and CSR initiatives that can help us create new value and provide excitement, wonder, inspiration, and smiles to all people around the world who appreciate the benefits of play.

The following chart illustrates how sustainability and CSR is organized within the TOMY Group.

TOMY Group CSR and Sustainability TOMY Group CSR and Sustainability

TOMY Group Social Responsibility Framework

To mark the approach of our 100th anniversary in 2024 and help guide future society, we set medium-term sustainability targets and KPIs for FY2021-FY2023 and started other initiatives in 2021 in accordance with the TOMY Group Social Responsibility Framework. We have aligned our drive to fulfill social responsibility through business with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Going forward, we will work to ensure that our Group operations themselves can contribute to society in a more meaningful way than ever before.

We introduce how we determined our social responsibility framework and identified our material issues on separate special feature pages.


■How We Defined Our Material Issues

Approach for Our CSR Vision

  1. 1. Commitment to Quality Manufacturing

    Expand play for all to enjoy

    Be it different cultures, genders, disabilities and abilities, lifestyles or values, we live in a diverse world. We seek to help children grow by providing safe and secure toys that reflect such diversity and expanding play for children around the world to enjoy.

  2. 2. Sound Management

    Be proud role models

    Our operational environment is greatly influenced by globalization and technological revolution, and the responsibility to conduct fair, honest business is growing as companies play an increasingly influential role in society. We should act as proud, respected role models for children and seek to create fun, comfortable working environments across the TOMY Group.

  3. 3. Coexisting with Society
    and the Environment

    Protect the environment so children can smile in play 100 years from now

    Today’s society faces multiple pressing problems including the depletion of resources, climate change, and environmental issues. We seek to minimize the negative impact of our business, contribute to regional development and protect the environment to help preserve sustainable communities and the earth for future generations of children to smile and play with toys.

Social Responsibility through Business

In pursuit of our sustainability vision, we contribute to the achievement of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the creation of a society that leaves no one behind.


    We promote the creation of products and services that strive to support the healthy growth of children as well as their physical and mental health. We also use our products and services to create opportunities to deepen knowledge of healthy living and general welfare.


    By spreading TOMY’s play culture worldwide, we give children the power to learn and broaden their interests, and help them build stronger independence, creativity and communication skills. We also create opportunities through toy play for children to learn in more depth about the knowledge and skill required for sustainable development.


    In order to realize our vision of becoming friends with children around the world, we pledge to uphold diversity without discrimination or prejudice and continue to create and provide new play value that everyone can enjoy.


    The TOMY Group helps carve creative and productive work styles, building environments that facilitate safe, secure working and promote a healthy work-life balance.


    We consistently support development of the regions where we operate and in our supply chain networks by helping to boost their techniques and capabilities.


    We provide opportunities for people to experience sustainable lifestyles through toy play. We also build systems to ensure product safety and security across our entire value chain, and work to reduce product quality issues and optimize resource use.


    By striving to develop accessible-design and other toys that everyone can enjoy and building healthy child culture, we seek to put smiles on all people’s faces, as the symbol of a peaceful society. To that end, we promote fair and transparent business activities.


    We pursue operational activities that value local community links, and build strong partnerships with business partners in the true spirit of co-existence and co-prosperity. Through the partnerships that leverage our strengths as a toymaker, we also promote determined joint action aimed at solving social issues for children.

Promoting Sustainability and CSR

As the chief executive, the President is responsible for TOMY Group sustainability. To promote sustainability management, under direct control of the President the Group has established the Sustainability Promotion Division, which creates policies and plans for sustainability and ESG issues, implements and monitors them, promotes them within the company, and discloses ESG-related information. For medium-term sustainability targets and KPIs requiring cross-departmental initiatives, the Sustainability Promotion Division establishes a relevant task force headed by an executive officer with diverse members from across the Group who execute, promote and offer new proposals for the initiatives. The progress of each task force is monitored at quarterly progress meetings, with reports and viewpoints provided regularly to representative directors, and submitted and discussed as necessary at board and officers meetings.

Corporate Governance System

Corporate Governance System

We strive to contribute to society comprehensively
through our pillar business, the world of toys.

Our Founder’s Ultimate Aspiration

On September 1, 1923, the Tokyo-Yokohama Great Kanto earthquake took away the lives of many city dwellers in an instant. TOMY founder, Eiichiro Tomiyama, immediately set to work making toys amidst the ruins of Tokyo shitamachi area. With people focused primarily on rebuilding their lives and their home, Eiichiro could have commended high rates as a tin worker, but he chose instead to make toys for a miniscule return. Why? Because he believed in the power of toys, to bring smiles to the faces of children and adults alike.

In 1930, he founded the Tokyo Toy Industry Association with a group of like-minded associates. At the time, the toy industry consisted of a group of cottage industries, but the Association encouraged members to modernize and rationalize the industry. Its founding document entitled Tokyo Toy Industry Association Guiding Principles contained an entrepreneur’s motto that new toymakers rigorously aspired and adhered to.

Our predecessors advocated the ideal principle of co-existence and co-prosperity, declaring that, “those who aspire to eternal prosperity must understand they can only prosper together with others.”

The founding philosophies of the TOMY Group: Let’s excite the world’s markets with our outstanding products, and; our sincerity and diligence will contribute to society and lead to our own success and happiness, were based on this entrepreneur’s motto. They clearly illustrate our founder’s strong belief in the value of providing outstanding products to world markets and contributing to society at large through business, and the belief that sincere and tireless effort at work must contribute to the development of human culture.
While eras and environment evolve, our fundamental ideology holds fast, and we remain committed to contributing broadly to society through the business of toy making.