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Responsible Procurement

Our Policy and Strategy

We conduct our business activities based on the TOMY Group Code of Business Conduct (COBC) which determines more concrete guidelines and encourages a deeper understanding across the Group of the elements relating specifically to “observing our company policy, the rule of law and good common sense,” and “competing honestly and following fair trade practices” within our Code of Conduct. Our Corporate Guidelines also aim to deal fairly and honestly with TOMY Group business partners in pursuit of mutual prosperity as we work together to maintain appropriate working environments and improve productivity.

Furthermore, in response to growing demands from the international community for companies to address their impact on human rights and the environment, we have defined “responsible procurement” as one of our eight material issues. In fiscal 2019, we reviewed the TOMY Code of Conduct for Manufacturers and set up the TOMY Group Responsible Procurement Guidelines in May 2020.

TOMY Group Responsible Procurement Guidelines

Key Initiatives

TOMY Group Responsible Procurement Guidelines

The TOMY Group has always worked hard not only to provide safe products of superior quality, but also to fulfill our social responsibilities by respecting human rights throughout the manufacturing of those products and ensuring environment-conscious business operations. To date, we have asked our suppliers to uphold the TOMY Code of Conduct for Manufacturers, which includes environmental and social issues, and incorporated those commitments into our business contracts. Over recent years, however, we have witnessed an increase in various demands from the international community in areas such as human rights and the environment. In light of these changing expectations, we set up the TOMY Group Responsible Procurement Guidelines in May 2020.
Going forward, we intend to ensure full and deep awareness of the TOMY Group Responsible Procurement Guidelines across the Group, and hold presentations and other activities for business partners to ensure they understand the guidelines and cooperate in their implementation.

Items Covered in the New Guidelines

TOMY Code of Conduct
for Manufacturers
1. No Child Labor
2. No Forced Labor
3. No Discrimination
4. No Harassment
5. Freedom of Association
6. Working Hours and Compensation
7. Occupational Safety and Health
8. Environment and Sustainability
9. Legal Compliance
10. Subcontracting
11. Auditing
12. Announcements
From May 2020
TOMY Group
Responsible Procurement Guidelines
  1. 1. Human Rights
    1. 1-1. Prohibiting Child Labor
    2. 1-2. Prohibiting Forced Labor
    3. 1-3. Eliminating Discrimination
    4. 1-4. Prohibiting Harassment
    5. 1-5. Guaranteeing Freedom of Association
    6. 1-6. Controlling Long Working Hours
    7. 1-7. Offering Appropriate Wages
  2. 2. Occupational Safety and Health
    1. 2-1. Workplace Safety and Health
    2. 2-2. Preventing Occupational Accidents or Diseases
    3. 2-3. The Safety and Health of Industrial Facilities and Equipment
    4. 2-4. Employee Health Management
  3. 3. Environment
    1. 3-1. Minimizing Environmental Impact
    2. 3-2. Managing Chemical Substances
  1. 4. Fair Operating Practices
    1. 4-1. Upholding Laws and Regulations
    2. 4-2. Anti-bribery Measures
    3. 4-3. Protecting Intellectual Property
    4. 4-4. Protecting Personal Information
    5. 4-5. Electronic Data Security
    6. 4-6. Sub-contractors
  2. 5. Improving the Quality of Products and Services
    1. 5-1. Guaranteeing Safe and Secure Product Quality
    2. 5-2. Appropriate Labeling
  3. 6. Miscellaneous
    1. 6-1. Auditing
    2. 6-2. Announcements

Joint Initiative between TOMY COC Team and TOMY Hong Kong

At TOMY Hong Kong, we manage the production of products destined for the American and European markets as well as licenser products, which are subject to especially strong Code of Conduct standards. We work with business partners to maintain appropriate management and operation of production facilities based on the TOMY Code of Conduct (COC) by advocating human rights, ensuring the health and safety of employees, and promoting a sustainable environment. Any inspection activities follow a set COC-based program that involves holding a kickoff meeting, visiting facilities, interviewing employees, reviewing documentation, and convening a concluding meeting.
Furthermore, 85% or more of manufacturing sites that do business with TOMY Hong Kong have received ISO 9001 certification to prove they meet the international standard for quality management systems (as of December 2019).

Kickoff meeting→Facility Visit→Employee interviews→Documentation review & Concluding meeting

Network Briefing for Business Partners

The TOMY Group strives to strengthen cooperation primarily with its suppliers. This cooperation involves sharing revisions in legislation and TOMY product quality rules as well as examples to help improve safety and product quality, and issues identified in production factories. Our annual network briefing for business partners has been running for over ten years now, where we offer safety and product quality-related programs. In 2019, we also introduced some new sessions relating to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), TOMY Group social responsibility policy, and our material issues. In 2020, we made the decision to cancel the network briefing scheduled for July to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, but we continue to work together to provide guidance as and when appropriate.

Network Briefing