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Sustainability Initiatives | Active participation of diverse personnel

Addressing Social Issues

Active participation of diverse personnel

Our Focus on Social Issues

Since reaching a peak in 2008, Japan’s population has started to decline and is predicted to shrink to below 100 million by 2050. Furthermore, as Japanese birthrates continue to decline rapidly and the population continues to age equally fast, the size of the nation’s working-age population is also on the decline*. At the same time, during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have witnessed increased focus on employment, occupational health and safety, and other elements that involve human rights considerations in business, along with a broader acceptance of teleworking and other diverse work styles, which have suddenly taken off with the primary aim of curbing the spread of the disease. These trends suggest we might expect people at various stages of their lives to be able to continue working more easily in the future. In such an environment, companies are expected to uphold human rights, guarantee health and safety in the workplace, pursue diversity, create comfortable workplaces that respond flexibly to lifestyle changes, and help employees acquire new skills. In short, companies need to provide the support that enables individual employees to continue working enthusiastically towards rewarding goals.

*Source: 2018 White Paper on Information and Communications in Japan, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

Relevant TOMY Group Material Issues and SDGs

TOMY Group
Social Responsibility
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How to Achieve
Our Sustainability Vision

Based on our Diversity Policy, the TOMY Group proactively creates working environments where diverse personnel can fulfill their potential in order to provide products and services to society that make both children and adults smile.

TOMY Group Diversity Policy(Established December 2021)

The TOMY Group Code of Conduct includes the commitment to “respect individuality and foster initiative and creativity” based on our Founding Philosophy of “Let’s excite the world’s markets with our outstanding products. Our sincerity and diligence will contribute to society and lead to our own success and happiness.” We believe that new concepts that excite the world’s markets and thrill both children and adults are born from the individuality and skill of each employee, and teamwork that respects diverse values. We will thus strive to create working environments where diverse personnel can fulfill their potential for continued growth and spark innovation.

  1. 1. The TOMY Group will respect human rights, strive for fair treatment and equal opportunity without unfair discrimination, and promote the fostering and appointment of human resources with the consideration of diversity.

  2. 2. The TOMY Group will promote the creation of working environments and an organizational culture that enable employees with different values and from diverse backgrounds and life stages to truly be themselves and work to the best of their abilities to continue creating new value from play.

Medium-term sustainability targets and KPIs

  • Internal training on diversity: 100% of employees by the end of March 2024
  • 20% female manager ratio
    *We have set a deadline of the end of March 2026 to coincide with our action plan based on Japan’s Act on Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace
  • Achieve and maintain the mandatory 2.3% employment ratio of persons with disabilities
  • Conduct an employee engagement survey and identify any issues affecting work fulfillment

Key Initiatives