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Sustainability Initiatives | Active participation of diverse personnel

Human Resource Training and Development Programs

Our Policy and Strategy

Children are our customers, so it is important that we are always conscious of our role to deliver dreams to children through toys, that we make sincere and unrelenting efforts to create excellent products, and that we make children smile the world over. The TOMY Group seeks to share these values and we are committed to respecting individuality and fostering initiative and creativity in our code of conduct.
We believe it is important to support each of our employees in their quest to maximize their skills and capabilities as well as exploit new possibilities.

Management Structure

The TOMY Group has set up various educational frameworks to help maximize individual employee capabilities and to discover and develop the next generation of future leaders.
To foster the further growth of our human resources, we have established a grade-specific evaluation system under the control of the Human Resources Division that is based on performance and ability. We have also built a framework to help employees gain a clear picture of the capabilities and skills required for their jobs through interviews between managers and staff and encourage their growth.
We offer training for all new employees upon joining the TOMY Group to help them understand our corporate ideology as well as grade- and job-specific training programs. We also offer subsidized self-development opportunities for employees looking to improve their skills. To ensure knowledge gained from the company’s past successes and failures is firmly passed down to future generations to promote sustainable business development, we have set up a system that enables young employees to benefit from our accumulated technological expertise and knowhow by turning tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge.

Key Initiatives

Fiscal 2019 training content and implementation

Training programs for all employees

Target Main training content
All employees, including permanent, contract, fixed-term, and part-time employees
  • TOMY Group Code of Business Conduct (COBC)
  • Compliance
  • Harassment
Permanent employees at different professional grades and responsibilities
  • Management
  • Evaluator training
  • Sixth-year training
  • Business follow-up
  • Introductory training for new employees
  • Marketing
  • Financial affairs
  • How to anticipate risks
  • The technology of toys
  • Program for employees returning to work after childcare leave (conducted separately)
Permanent, contract, fixed-term employees (voluntary training programs and skill acquisition support)
  • Interacting with different businesses (joint training with other companies)
  • Internal TOEIC exams
  • Correspondence courses (language and technical skills)

Training programs for young employees in their first or second year with the company

Name Content Target company
New employee training

One-month training program conducted jointly by the Group’s five companies to help new employees acquire the basic knowledge and skills they need to function as members of society, and some internal knowhow.

*Following the joint training, TOMY TEC holds a new employee training program on production at the head office factory over a period of approximately one month. *KIDDY LAND conducts its own new employee training program after two weeks of joint training.
Field training

Designed to help employees learn about the industry through sales and store-support activities, form a mindset befitting a TOMY Group employee, and acquire good sense as a member of society. Employees who join TOMY as career-track or administration trainees are expected to undertake field training for approximately one year after the initial new employee training course is completed, i.e. until March the following year. Employees who join TOMY’s technical career stream participate in field training for approximately six months.

General technology, on-the-job training

Approximately three months of technical and on-the-job training for employees in technical fields. Designed to acquire a basic knowledge of toy-making using a training flow that works systematically through classroom learning, on-the-job experience, and reflection.

First-year training

Area-specific training for new KIDDY LAND employees conducted once a month. Trainees learn about fundamental corporate rules (compliance, etc.) and customer satisfaction (CS), and train to gain their Level 3 Retail Marketing certificate. This training also aims to improve presentation and analysis skills by getting new employees to give reports on their store sales and providing feedback on their performance.

Value chain training

Designed to foster a true understanding of the TOMY Group value chain through first-hand experience. Trainees experience the whole value chain during multiple training sessions from production sites (factories in Japan) through after-service in our customer service department.

Follow-up training

Designed to provide employees with an opportunity to reflect on their progress to date and think specifically about what role they want to play and what action they want to take to ensure further growth going forward.

Second-year training

Area-specific training conducted once a month. Trainees learn about fundamental corporate rules (compliance, etc.) and customer satisfaction (CS), and undertake leadership training to acquire the knowledge to become a chief officer or store manager. This training also aims to further improve business skills by repeating the first-year training exercises in which trainees report on sales at their stores and receive feedback on their performance.


In addition to the programs listed above, we conduct a Toy Technology Training Course for young employees involved in planning development, technology development, production technology, or quality management to learn about the technology involved in the structure and molding of toys. We also provide a TOMY Toy Technology Think Tank brochure that summarizes our expertise on setting up a new production base. Through such efforts, the TOMY Group has established a framework that enables young employees to benefit from our long-amassed technology and expertise.

In addition, we have a commendation system that recognizes individual employees or department for increasing work motivation, maximizing individual capabilities, and contributing markedly to business performance or increased corporate value. We also have a career-support system that offers systematic and financial support for eligible career-track employees who are maybe looking to use their career experience and skills to start a new business, go independent, or change their job.