Based on its founding philosophy, the TOMY Group has highlighted respect for individuality, and fostering initiative and creativity as part of its Code of Conduct. We believe that ideas that will excite children and adults around the world will come from an organization where the individuality, skills, and diverse values of employees are respected and rewarded, and that this will also lead to the well-being of our employees as a result. With this aim, we have been conducting annual employee engagement surveys every year since 2021, to check the status of our employees. Based on the results of these surveys, we have been implementing various reforms at a rapid pace, such as working to foster a culture of respect for diversity and introducing systems for a more comfortable workplace.
In this special feature, we introduce specific initiatives aimed at creating an environment where employees can feel more energetic and excited, and fascinate about asobi.


Creating an Organization
that Accepts Diversity

Aiming for liveliness

Strengths and challenges in
engagement survey results

Employee engagement surveys measure the strength of the two-way bond between employees and the company, their attachment to the company, and their level of enthusiasm and attitude toward their work. We analyze the workplace environment by asking employees to answer a series of questions regarding their empathy with the company’s vision, enthusiasm to contribute, and general motivation. The TOMY Group aims to have employees who are lively, with low stress and high enthusiasm for work! To achieve this, we are engaged in various efforts to address issues identified through our analysis of responses to employee engagement surveys.

Specifically, we first gave feedback on the stress levels and engagement status of individual respondents. We also diagnose the state of the organization by department, return the results to the general managers of those departments (and their superiors), and share examples of actions for improvement. We also take measures to prevent unconscious bias and harassment among managers, and provide training to encourage a change in awareness. We have also begun to review our evaluation system. In addition, we are currently considering initiatives for an education system that encourages employees to play active roles autonomously.

Family Day is back!

Initiatives to create a better corporate

Since 2011, we have held TOMY Group Family Day, creating opportunities for employees to feel glad to be part of the TOMY Group, and want to continue doing their best. Although Family Day was temporarily suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic, it was finally held again in August 2023! Family Day provides a valuable opportunity for the families of employees to deepen their understanding of employees’ jobs and workplaces, as well as to interact with their superiors and colleagues. Enabling employees to understand each other’s family situations in this way creates an atmosphere of a comfortable workplace, where it is easy to work while placing importance on family, which also leads to improved employee engagement.

The theme for this year’s Family Day was “Let’s Play and Learn about Toys!” Around 200 people—including children, partners, and parents of TOMY Group employees—participated in the event. Participants enjoyed various programs according to their age groups.

Employee Voices

with 5-year-
old child

- Since we decided to participate, my daughter had been looking forward to it, asking every day, “How many more times do I have to sleep before it’s Family Day?” She enjoyed the event, and had smiles on her face the whole day.
- She told me she was happy that I work for the TOMY Group. I’m glad that she felt that way, and that we participated in the event.

with 2nd
Grade and
5th Grade

- This was my first time participating in Family Day. It made me realize first-hand how much interest children have in their parents’ workplaces.
In particular, they were very happy to be able to exchange their business cards with other employees and the president, and to meet and greet people from the same department, along with their families (who also participated). Their response was greater than I expected.


Encouraging flexible
work styles

hoose your own way of working

Initiatives to create a more comfortable workplace

In addition to shortened working hours for childcare and nursing care, the TOMY Group has also introduced systems such as flextime and teleworking (also known as work-from-home). At the same time, in response to the voices of employees who want the option to choose diverse and flexible work styles that suit their lifestyles, in April 2023 we launched the following two new initiatives.

1 Telework

work in a place that suits you

Unlike the previous work-from-home system, which was available only to employees who were raising children or providing nursing care, we are currently reviewing the system to enable all employees to work at home—or even locations other than their home—up to three times a week. We are currently in a company-wide trial period, and are working toward the full-scale introduction of this system by identifying any issues in its use.

■ Details of the trial

2 Super flextime

work at a time that suits you

We have abolished the “core time” element (hours that must be worked) of the previous flextime system, and transformed it into a “super flextime” system that allows employees to work with even greater flexibility.

Opinion of an employee
who actually use super flextime

Parent-teacher meetings at my child’s school are often held for just one hour in the afternoon. In the past, I used to take the whole afternoon (half a day) off because of core time, but now I can use both super flextime and telework to leave work partway through, and then start work again when I return.
We were also made aware of various ways of using super flextime when it was introduced, so I can use it without feeling guilty. When I was busy at work, I used to neglect my health, but now I can go to the hospital whenever I have concerns or feel sick.

■ Example work styles


Championing the
human capital

Makes it easier for male employees to take childcare leave

Male employees get to deepen their understanding of their children through childcare experiences, which also have a positive impact on their work!

We are also actively encouraging male employees to take childcare leave. As a result of efforts to encourage the use of this system, such as establishing a consultation desk for employees to take childcare leave and sharing articles covering interviews with employees who used the system and their supervisors within the company, in FY2022, the percentage of male employees taking childcare leave at TOMY Company (non-consolidated) was 80%. In addition to legally required measures such as the establishment of postnatal paternity leave (i.e., childcare leave immediately after the birth of a child) and the splitting of childcare leave, we are also considering a support system for departments with eligible employees, to enable more male employees to actively utilize the childcare leave system in the future.

We found that some employees have a high level of motivation to achieve their work goals and want to pursue a career that suits them, but are worried that having and raising children will affect their evaluation or promotion. In view of this, to enable employees to choose a work style that suits them better, we made employees aware of the evaluation system for those who take childcare leave and shortened working hours, and reviewed it so that it is reflected in evaluations correctly and fairly. We also conduct evaluation training for managers to help them understand the system.

Opinion of a male employee

I took three months of childcare leave, and I think I have grown as a person because I was able to properly engage with my children.

It was also a valuable experience to be able to learn the realities of what goes on with children and to gain the same perspective as other parents who are doing their best to raise their children. It reduces the burden on my wife and helps my family, and I can also gain valuable lessons from childcare that can be applied to my work. I wholeheartedly recommend that male employees take childcare leave!



A company where everyone can be lively and work actively with peace of mind

As a result of various initiatives, we have obtained Kurumin accreditation mark and Eruboshi certification
(3 stars)!

On July 26, 2023, we acquired Kurumin certification from the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW) as a “childcare supporting company.” This is the fifth time that TOMY Company has received this certification since 2007.(left)

Additionally, on October 13,2023, we received the highest (three-star) rating of the Eruboshi certification for the first time, in recognition of our being a company making excellent efforts to promote women’s empowerment.(right)

The Group encourages a healthy work-life balance, and is building working environments so that employees at various life stages can continue to work with lively enthusiasm and peace of mind, and is engaged in initiatives such as education and training for career development. Going forward, we will continue to promote the creation of a system and a comfortable working culture in which all employees can recognize and acknowledge each other’s diversity, and fully demonstrate their abilities and play an active role.

Improving our well-being by continuing to create asobi that brings a smile to the faces of both children and adults alike

The mission of the TOMY Group is to continue to create asobi (play) that transcend differences in nationality, culture, ages, and other factors, and have the power to bring a smile to the faces of children and adults alike. In particular, we believe that the smiles of children are a powerful force for changing the future. Through asobi, we will contribute to the realization of a sustainable future society and evolve into a sustainable company ourselves. To fulfill this, we will foster a corporate culture recognizing the individuality and diverse values of our employees, and create an environment in which individuals can work to the fullest of their abilities.

If all employees can work with excitement and energy, with a smile, it will lead to the creation of asobi that can bring a smile to the faces of both children and adults alike. Please look forward to the continued efforts of our TOMY Group!